Eragon’s back!

Set to release on Sep 20, the long-awaited third installment of Inheritance by Christopher Paolini, will be in stores.

Who’s Eragon?

If the name Paolini doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps Eragon will.

The movie Eragon was released in Dec 06 with charming Ed Speelers as Eragon, the young boy who discovered a dragon egg on one of his hunts. The girl-dragon named Saphira, grew in secret in the woods under Eragon’s care. Hiding a dragon isn’t an easy task and as Saphira grows, the secret becomes harder to keep.

The tale of dragons will excite every fantasy-lover who’s sick of waiting for the next Harry Potter movie.

The third book: Brisingr

Brisingr was meant to be the third and final book in the Inheritance series. However, Paolini revealed in a press release last year that “the third book was so large that it would need to be published in two volumes”. Better still for us readers!

The title (pronounced as ‘BREEZE-SING-GER’) was the first ancient-lanaguage word that Eragon learnt, meaning “fire”, which saved his life when he unknowingly used it to summon and control fire.

In the official newsletter, Paolini said, “‘Brisingr’ is one of the first words I thought of for this title, and it’s always felt right to me. In this new book, it will be revealed to be even more meaningful than even Eragon could have known.”

Want to know more?

Here, take a look at this video and hear more about Brisingr from Paolini himself.

– By: Valerie Oliveiro

Pre-order Brisingr now at
Other books available in the Inheritance Cycle series by Christopher Paolini: Eragon & Eldest.

1 thought on “Eragon’s back!

  1. i just finished reading brisingr 2 days ago and i loved it. It was a really great book i will recommend it to every1. If u haven’t read it yet i suggest u do

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