(Over?) Accessorised

Ooh! We love accessories. A cinched belt at the waist, hoop earrings, colourful bangles and – we admit we do get carried away sometimes. While we unload the ‘extra baggage’, take a look at the accessories that made it this season.

This beauty is a Moiré stiletto with PVC, patent leather, and astrakhan detail. Featured in the Alessandro Dell’Acqua Autumn/Winter 08/09 Collection, the neon green springs up at us shockingly but vibrantly. Dell’Acqua reinvents boots and stilettos with bright palettes of blue, yellow and green. When no one’s looking, throw out your old pair with the shiny reflective heels.

Shiny is out, Neon is in.

Now that you’ve gotten your shoes covered, it’s time to get you a nice bag! What about Anna Sui?

Oh we know you’ve bought into the idea of carrying a cute clutchbag out to dinner or to party. Here’s the clutch bag reinvented; smaller and lighter for those who don’t carry out much. Anna Sui‘s embossed leather frame bag is the perfect solution. It’s classy, chic and intricately-designed.

Upgrade your clutches!

– By: Valerie Oliveiro

Images from Style.com

Part 2 of (Over?) Accessorised will be out soon on ArtZine!

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