Calefare Scare – Episode 2

Calefare scared us this week with Joleen (Fiona Xie) singing “Chicken rice… Her breath was not very nice…” Aiyoh her out of tune singing was also not very nice.. Yet she calls herself the “recording artist of tomorrow”. We hope tomorrow never comes then! ArtZine takes a look at the good, bad and ugly of Calefare‘s Episode 2.

With additional reports from our contributors, Sharon Chan and Kelvin Tang.

We suppose Calefare was inspired by Jack Neo’s release of “Money No Enough 2” when they titled Calefare‘s Episode 2 as “Calefare No Enough”. Here, take a look at the trailer for Ep 2 and hear Joleen sing! (You’d see why Andy wants her to stop singing)

If it was Singapore Idol, we’d give Joleen 5 points of rhyming… and  -5 points for being terribly out of tune! Please coach her, Dick Lee!

What song would you like to hear Joleen sing on Calefare?

BTW, FYI and all the other acronyms

This week, Joleen’s not the only one who’s throwing acronyms around.
“FYI..” says Joleen.
“FYI..” says Andy. (Gurmit Singh)
“FYI..” says Hamsome. “Wait, I don’t know what FYI means!”

If you could make up your own acronym for Joleen to use in Calefare, what would it be?

Sanjay (Vadi PVSS): *proudly tells Hamsome* I’m going to audition for a film collaboration between Singapore, India, China and Korea.
Hamsome (Benjamin Heng): *double take* You’re going to be in a S.I.C.K. film?

Sometimes reading the subtitles makes it even funnier.

Hamsome didn’t give Sanjay a hug on the show, but we do! We congratulate Sanjay on a job well done – he truly made us laugh.

Lesson #1 How to act as an ah beng (as taught by Hamsome on Calefare)

1. An Ah-Beng is defined as a “rough, uncultured, low-class” person… like Hamsome who’s proud of being called one. “Thanks man, buy you lunch!”
2. Squat.
3. Pucker up! (We have no idea how relevant or useful this is.)

In the end: Sanjay failed his audition! “They even wanted to call the police,” he tells sadly.

What happened?

Sanjay sat with his legs wide open (‘terkangkang’ as they would say in Malay) at the audition! Horror of all horrors!

Do’s and Don’ts of Castings

When you’re in front of the casting director and his panel, it’s your time to shine! (in good ways, of course) So don’t let your moment pass you by, take up these casting tips from ActorPoint when it’s your turn on stage.

1. You don’t have to shout – Some “walk into a small theatre, plant themselves three feet from an auditioner and then blow out the auditioner’s ears and mess up their hair by performing as if they were playing the monologue to someone across the Grand Canyon.”

2. Don’t stay in one area – “If you’re feeling a deep connection with an emotion, it should move you at least a little. Let yourself go, follow those urges to move. Another aspect of this is, some actors did their entire monologue sitting in a chair. Why would you do that to yourself? An important part of your charm/value is in how you move.”

3. Professionalism is key – Unlike our poor Sanjay who blew his audition, make “a real attempt at presenting yourself in a professional manner. Don’t hand somebody an oversized handwritten resume stuck onto a bad picture with a paper clip.”

Char Kway Teow, extra chilli, extra cockles…

In Episode 2, actresses were likened to “Katong Laksa” and “Char Kway Teow”. Guess who reminded Champion Zhang (Edmund Chen) of “Char Kway Teow” with extra cockles? Edmund Chen’s wife – Channel 8 actress Xiang Yun! (We wonder what she has to say about the comparison he made.)

Episode 2 left us wondering…

What has Champion Zhang got to hide? He seems to be very sneaky – Kak Pon caught him bribing the scriptwriter for more lines! Zhang’s insecurities are starting to show.

Huay Huay (Tracy Tan) is doing well, we would like to see her character develop. On set, she’s a stickler for rules, but off-set she breaks them by gossiping with Kak Pon. Who is she really?

Viewers also noticed that episode 2 was much shorter than episode 1, leaving them feeling shortchanged. Will episode 3 disappoint?

Next week: Guest star Michelle Chong enters Calefare as a fortune-teller. Will it be excruciating to watch? Only one way to find out – catch Calefare Episode 3 on Tuesday, Aug 26, 8pm

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