Baybeats Special – You and Whose Army?

Just four days left to the 3 day-music event we’re all waiting for! ArtZine talks to You and Whose Army? (Yawa) as they prepare for Baybeats.

Yawa summarised would be “indie alternative rock with influences from our favourite bands and inspiration from all around us” says Benita, drummer/keyboardist of Yawa.

Formed in Dec 2005, Yawa is made up of Benita (drums/keys), Adam (Bass), Bonk (Vocals/Guitar/Keys/Drums) and James (Guitar). The four are gearing up for Baybeats and are working extremely hard over the weekends. 

ArtZine: We hear that 2 of the boys are at NS! Will it affect the band’s preparation for Baybeats?
Yawa: Good question. We have to grab every weekend that they’re out to rehearse. But we know our songs pretty much at the back of our heads, so it’s not looking that daunting. I guess it also helps that Adam and Bonk are much much fitter now, so we’ll have more energy on stage! Hooray!

The band’s MySpace describes them as nice people – and indeed they are nice! ArtZine asked them to name the wackiest thing they’ve done. “I don’t think we have and ever will! We’re just too shy… Hahaha,” laughs Yawa.

However, if they were given the opportunity to do anything they like onstage for Baybeats, they would play for hours! “We’d get our friends onstage and start jamming for 2 hours. Teehee.”

ArtZine: So what actually happens behind-the-scenes at Baybeats?
Yawa: “The sweat, blood, tears, broken strings, empty pockets – otherwise known as the efforts from the organisers, people who set up the place, bands who practice their fingers off – all that to put up a good show.”
ArtZine: Will your EP “Misplaced” be available at Baybeats?
Yawa: YES! It’s in the midst of processing now. Fingers triple-crossed that it will be out on time. If not, interested parties can order a copy of the EP from us. We’ll figure something out!
ArtZine: We’ll be keeping our fingers (and toes) crossed too! What will the band be up to after Baybeats?
Yawa: Hmm. We’ll be cleaning up our new songs and trying to fit more gigs into our schedule to promote the EP.

How well do you know Yawa?

Adam – Has a secret desire to be a hip-hop rap star!
Benita – Can control the way she farts and knows when it stinks and when it doesn’t before it comes out.
Bonk – Is so un-wacky that he’s wacky like that.
James – Is only 19 and already playing professional shows.

Baybeats Survival Tips!

Hear tips from our columnist and the bands on how to survive the crowd at Baybeats this year and where you can get the best view!
– Coming soon on our Twas the night before Baybeats feature.

Here’s some clues on the tip Yawa gave: (Highlight the words below)

come  /  hello kitty /  1 / sale

What was that about?
All will be revealed on our Twas the night before Baybeats feature.

– By: Valerie Oliveiro

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Images courtesy of You and Whose Army.

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