Baybeats Special – Anna Judge April

As the big day gets nearer, we bet the bands are having extra rehearsals and getting all prepped up for Baybeats. ArtZine chats with Anna Judge April (AJA) as we get our cameras ready for the 3-day music festival.

If you want something hot with lots of flava – Anna Judge April (AJA) is the band you should be yelling out for at Baybeats this weekend. In short, AJA is “synthpop madness submerged in tabasco. With fries..” shares Fred (aka The Operative), drummer of AJA.

Hmm.. Chilli cheese fries sounds good..

What can fans expect at Baybeats this year? “Fans can expect a whole lot of good music. However, gone are the days when Wake Me Up Music ran everything, where it was all so personal and everyone knew each other.

ArtZine: What’s the wackiest thing you would ever do for your fans?
AJA: We would sing End of the Road (by Boyz II Men) for them.. We would give away our soiled undergarments too if requested for. Unfortunately no one has requested for such stuff yet. Or should I say, fortunately.

And you shouldn’t be requesting for such stuff because if you did… AJA would “get down to our underwear and rock it out (but then, everyone would leave).”

ArtZine: Okay serious now.. What happens behind-the-scenes that people don’t know about Baybeats?
AJA: “There’s alot of competition between the bands, because the whole concept of Baybeats now (as compared to its first few years) is based on alot of competitiveness, due to things like trying to win a sponsorship, or even having to win a place to play at Baybeats. There is therefore a lot of jealousy that exisits on within bands in the scene, which the most people do not know of. Other than these inter-band related issues, a band playing for Baybeats undergoes alot of stress and pressure trying to perfect themselves for the big day. It is definitely not an easy ride.”

ArtZine: After all that hard work prepping up for Baybeats, what’s next for the band?
AJA: Back to the studio and finishing up our EP. Playing a small acoustic show, and several other gigs lined up. We’re gonna party all night right after the Baybeats actually.

How well do you know AJA?

Ariff (guitars) likes all things cute. And studying.
Ris (guitars) is currently nuts about this one girl in the scene. *Laughs*
Ash (bass) loves cats, pimping out his bass with the latest gear, his bass superheros (Mark Hoppus and Mike Herrera) and of course, Tera Patrick.
Vel (vocals) loves all animals, especially cats, vegetarianism, Daniel Johns.
Luq (keys) likes cult movies, Heath Ledger as the Joker, The Office, and anything that’s crazy.
Fred (drums) likes you, for taking time to read about this band.

Trivia about the band:

– Vel and The Operative (Fred) are vegetarians, because they are hardcore animal lovers.

– Ris is going to appear in the Channel 5 reality “SingTel Grid Girls”, topless with a bowtie in public.

– The band took a picture with Jamie Yeo. (above) Why isn’t Fred in this pic? Because he sacrificed and took the picture.

– Ash knows almost everyone in Singapore. You can walk down any street with him, on any given day, and at least 20 people with say hi to him.

– The name of every guitar player of ours in the past started with the letter “R”, which were 6 of them. Our current guitar player however, starts with “A” (Ariff) but Ris’ name still starts with “R”.

– The band mascot is Annako-Chan, created by The Operative. “The spade has always been our symbol so I decided to take the spade and make something cute out of it. I drew a face on it and hmmm..” Tadah! Catch her at Baybeats too!

Baybeats Survival Tips!

Hear tips from our columnist and the bands on how to survive the crowd at Baybeats this year and where you can get the best view!
– Coming soon on our Twas the night before Baybeats feature.

Here’s some clues on the tip AJA gave: (Highlight the words below)

jump / loose / flow / behind

What was that about?

Just for fun, we also asked what they thought You and Whose Army? (Yawa)’s tip was,  based on the clue words here.

All will be revealed on our Twas the night before Baybeats feature.

– By: Valerie Oliveiro

AJA will be playing at the Nokia Arena Stage, Esplanade Waterfront, 31 Aug, Sunday, 6pm.

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Images courtesy of Sadiq & Jamal, 2008.

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