Baybeats Special – Leeson

Just two days left and we’re deciding what to wear to Baybeats! (yes, ditch those heels girl) Even jeans seems too heavy to wear (and terribly hot as well). Before you make a mess out of your wardrobe while choosing your get-up for the 3-day music festival, read about ArtZine‘s interview with Leeson.

Falling in love is a feeling everyone’s familiar with. You know that “knotty feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you’re in love? That’s what Leeson sounds like.”

When you’re crazy in love, you’d do anything for your loved ones right? You can expect the same love from Leeson. “When it comes to fans, nothing is too wacky. We’d do anything! Yes, ANYTHING. *wink*”

Given a free reign, they would “do a reverse stage-dive into the Marina Bay waters, ‘cos it gets so hot when you’re playing ‘live’ outdoors!”

ArtZine: Tell us what happens behind-the-scenes at Baybeats!
Leeson: A lot happens behind-the-scenes of a big event like Baybeats. Even we as performers only see a small portion of the effort that goes into producing the show. I guess one of the things that most people don’t know is that the sound crew usually deploys a couple of people to keep watch over the hundred of thousands of dollars worth of equipment overnight for the duration of the show.

This band has big plans for life after Baybeats. “Being the realistic people that we are, our only hope after Baybeats is to become the MOST FAMOUS BAND IN THE WORLD!”

How well do you know Leeson?

Thomas (guitar) – loves the smell of petrol in carparks (especially the multi-storey ones)
Jamie (vocals) – speaks fluent Japanese
Mark (drums) – is a huge spaghetti fan
Gerald (guitar) – went to see Boyzone live in concert in 1996
Brian (bass) – screams like a girl if he drops something

Baybeats Survival Tips!

Hear tips from our columnist and the bands on how to survive the crowd at Baybeats this year and where you can get the best view!
– Coming soon on our Twas the night before Baybeats feature.

Here’s some clues on the tip Leeson gave: (Highlight the words below)

loosing / mind / wear / big

What was that about?

Just for fun, we also asked what they thought Anna Judge April (AJA)’s tip was, based on the clue words here.

All will be revealed on our Twas the night before Baybeats feature.

– By: Valerie Oliveiro

Leeson will be playing at the Nokia Arena Stage, Esplanade Waterfront, 29 Aug, Friday, 8pm.

Their EP “Speed Dating” will be available at Baybeats.

Play a part in helping your favourite newcomer band win a set of Gibson bass and electric guitars worth over $12,000 in total! Vote here.Images courtesy of Leeson.

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