Baybeats Special – Giuliano Gullotti

– By Valerie Oliveiro

At Baybeats, our only hope of some air-con to cool off was if we left the outdoor stages for awhile to head inside Esplanade. ArtZine headed to the Chillout Stage and watched several performances.

We caught up with musician Giuliano Gullotti, more fondly known as Mr. G to fans, after his eclectic performance.

Mr. G is the modern one-man band. His bandmates are the grand piano, a green electric guitar and his trusty Mac. Some in the audience were gaping at how he switched back and forth with ease between the 3 instruments. “I had piano lessons during my teen years, but I experimented with electric music on my own,” shares Giuliano.

When ArtZine asked if it would be different playing ‘live’ with a drummer instead of the Mac’s synthesised beats, Mr. G laughed and confessed, “Yes, I would like to try that!”

“Working with a Mac gives me flexibility to control my music because I prepare it in real time.” The Mac is definitely pushing the definition of music, ArtZine‘s discussion on this is on its way. (Watch out for it!)

Giuliano‘s EP is entitled “The Newborn”, aptly named as his inspiration was the birth of his kids. His wife and children were present at his performance, standing along the side of the huge crowd that gathered to watch his performance. “My special thanks to my wife who has given me encouragement and support,” he mentions during his short thank you speech on Sunday, Aug 31.

Playing “Crush” (available for free download), “Beautiful Design” and “Bird’s Eye” (inspired by Singapore’s sights, not the Bird’s Nest of Beijing), his music was powerful and emotional. Even instrumental, you can feel his music surging through you like waves with a mind and personality of its own. Just close your eyes and you would be transported to Fantasy World where emotions fly on the wind. The music is so dynamic – so alive. “I plan for the full album to be out by 2009,” he beams.

Yet before he starts recording, he has to undergo a slipdisk operation. “Pray for me, because tomorrow I will be going for an operation,” he told the crowd during his performance on Aug 31. “My doctor’s really good so I’m sure everything will be okay,” he tells ArtZine.

Poor Mr. G – his performance on Sunday was disrupted by Esplanade’s announcements for concert-goers of the Esplanade Concert Hall.

Aww… We definitely want to hear more of Mr. G.

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