ArtZine’s Event Calendar

Dear Friends,

ArtZine is currently developing our own ArtZine Events Calendar that will be highly useful (for all of us) to keep up-to-date with upcoming art events.

Art Galleries, Designers & Artists can use the Calendar to inform readers if you are holding an exhibition/event.

Event & Festival organisers, Directors, Theatre, Film & Art Houses can use the Calendar to update readers on your upcoming events.

Everyone’s involved, so let’s keep each other well-informed!

The Events Calendar requires you to login, (to keep spammers away) so sign up by simply sending us the following information to

Full Name:
Company/Personal Website Address:
Email Address:

We will then send you the invite to the Events Calendar, when you will choose a login name and your own password. Sign up ASAP and early so that you be guaranteed access when the calendar goes ‘Live’.

See you soon!

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