Spotlight! – Colony of Echoes

It’s no lie that Singaporeans love both their rock and their ambient but when it comes to us, we want the whole colony.

So if you’re in love with Psychedelic Rock and Ambient music, you might want to give Colony of Echoes a good listen. ArtZine chats with Maher Elhur, or more commonly known as SweetLeaf to fans, the lead guitarist in Colony of Echoes.

Formed in 2006 in California, SweetLeaf (lead guitarist) and Roger (bass) jammed together for nearly a year in SweetLeaf’s garage before Colony of Echoes emerged with fellow members Nick (vocals), Ben (guitar) and their newest member, Neil (keyboards), came into the picture.

Playing across California, this indie band remains optimistic and grateful to their fans. “We would try to get them all FREE merchandise and tickets to our show,” says SweetLeaf. That definitely sounds appealing!

The fun-loving guys from Colony of Echoes have only one small minus point. “I would say all of the band members have a bad habit of being late for practice,” SweetLeaf confesses with a laugh.

“A good sound should run throughout your soul”

With their self-titled debut CD in 2007, Colony of Echoes would come across as Pink Floyd plus Radiohead. “Disguise” comes across as ambient with psychedelic tunes coupled with experimental tendencies to merge rock into the mixture as well. Not surprisingly, Colony of Echoes states their influences to be from bands such as The Mars Volta, Incubus and The Doors.

What can be expected from the band in the future?

“The band is trying to finish a new CD so the world can really understand the true true meaning to sound that we ultimately possess,” SweetLeaf tells ArtZine. We hope Colony of Echoes will perform in Singapore soon too!

Songs we insist you listen to:

“Bleeding on my fate”
“Reverse Polarity”
“Impailed on the spears of”

Images courtesy of Colony of Echoes.
Text by Joelyn Yep.

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