Quick Chat with Cardinal Avenue

ArtZine speaks to Cardinal Avenue’s drummer, John. (extreme right)

ArtZine: Cardinal Avenue summarised would be?
Cardinal Avenue: A fusion of alternative & rock with a tinge of pop.

A.Z: What went on behind-the-scenes at Baybeats 2008 that people don’t see?
C.A: The long hours of composing tracks, practice in the studios, months of recording for an album and juggling all that with our school, work, girlfriends, friends & other weekly activities like exercise & the occasional DOTA.

A.Z: Tell us more about your EP!
C.A: Yup, our EP “Chasing The Empty” will be available from us, at $10. Or you can get it from the esplanade merchandise shop. Well, it’s a summary of all our hardwork over the past year all summed into 1 album. Check out the artwork from one of the greatest designer’s we’ve got. We’re sure you’ll be more than satisfied.

A.Z: What ‘s up next now that Baybeats is over?
C.A: A full-length album next year & hopefully more more more more bigger & better shows.

– By: Valerie Oliveiro

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