Sunny Chyun’s solo exhibition

There can be miracles if you believe…

We all want to believe that everything will turn out alright. In our silent reverie, we explore the exciting possibilities of the fantasy world we’ve always dreamt of – which becomes for us an escape of life’s mundane duties and restrictions. In abstraction we embark on a psychological expedition to seek answers and establish a sense of belonging.

Sunny Chyun explores the human frailty and emotional uncertainty in her solo exhibition “I need to believe”.

Born in Seoul, Singapore-based artist Sunny Chyun will have her solo exhibition ‘I need to believe’ at the SG Private Banking Gallery at Alliance Française de Singapour from Sept 10 to 23.

“My purpose in art is to communicate and synthesize the problems of anxiety, disengagements and eroding memories.” Having lived in Korea and New York, she adds, “I yearn for a sense of belonging and security after a life of constant relocation and eroding social bonds. My work tries to provide escape from the uncertain yet mundane world, by establishing a safe haven that promises hopeful new perspectives.”

Using abstracted landscapes as a medium, she adds a touch of surrealism through the artificial colours that question existence. Not being able to pin-point the landscape as a specific location reflects an idealised space projected in the subconscious mind. “The landscape serves as an artificial “stage” that represents different levels of sub-consciousness… the unconscious space of unfulfilled desires and melancholia.”

Her experience with branding and advertising inspired her palette of shimmer and gloss akin to fashion aesthetics. Questioning consumerism in a materialistic world, she drips layers of colour underneath the shine that evokes anxiety and frailty.

She revives the Contemporary spirit of Romanticism and Abstract Expressionism in her works, led by emotion over pictorials and often challenging boundaries between abstraction and figuration, documentation and imagination.

– By Valerie Oliveiro

More about Sunny Chyun and her works, coming soon on ArtZine as we attend the opening of “I need to believe” on Sept 9.

Attended the opening of Sunny Chyun’s solo exhibition too? Share us which was your favourite Sunny Chyun painting and why. News on the opening, coming soon on ArtZine. – Updated Sept 9

Exhibition Details

10 – 23 Sept 2008
SG Private Banking Gallery
Alliance Française de Singapour
2nd Floor, 1 Sarkies Road
Singapore 258130

How to get there

Bus Nos: 48, 66, 67, 170, 171, 700, 700A, 960.
Nearest MRT Station: Newton Station

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