Happy Birthday Timbre!

Get out your party hats and confetti as we wish Timbre HAPPY BIRTHDAY! For 3 years, we’ve been enjoying Timbre’s delicious food alongside fantastic music from Singapore ‘s homegrown talents. In UK, Australia and New Zealand, Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday is celebrated over a 3-day weekend. However in Singapore, Timbre celebrates its birthday over 10 days of music, food and fun. Here’s what to expect…

Dear Timbre,

It’s your birthday tomorrow! Oh my, you’ve grown so much over the past 3 years. Back then, you were just a baby and now look at you! Hosting your own parties, concerts and music festivals must have been exciting. We wish you Happy Birthday and cheers to the many more years of great music and food at Timbre.


P.S. Read our interviews with the artists who will be performing at the 10-day Timbre MusicFest that runs from Sept 19-28. The interviews will be released day-by-day so keep a look out for it!

– 53A (Read it here!)
Sara Wee (Read it here!)
Michaela Therese (Read it here!)
Reverie (Read it here!)
The Goodfellas (Read it here!)
Melissa Tham (Read it here!)
Indie Night (Read how it went here!)

P.P.S. Get ArtZine‘s calendar of Timbre MusicFest programmes here. Download it, Highlight the shows you want to catch, Print it out and Tuck it into your wallet for safe-keeping! It’s simple.

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