Timbre Special! – 53A

It’s Day 1 of Timbre Fest! Be sure to check out The Goodfellas and Ngak at Timbre tonight. In the meantime, ArtZine chats with 53A, who will be performing at Timbre MusicFestival on Sept 23, 9pm.

ArtZine: It’s Timbre’s Birthday! Any special message for Timbre?
53A: It’s been awesome “growing up” with Timbre since it first opened, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMBRE!

53A is…

“A tantalizing brew of pop and rock with a spoonful of lunacy to perk you up after a long day at school or work.” The quartet chose the name 53A as it was “the unit number of a shop along Haji Lane, where we used to jam in the dusty attic. Adds to our rockstar appeal, doesn’t it?”

Spoonful of lunacy and jamming in dusty attics… Does it get any wackier than this?

“We’ve accepted fans friend requests on Facebook. Does that count? I’m sure the boys wouldn’t mind signing a butt cheek or a boob, but we haven’t been asked yet.” Well, make sure you think twice before asking them to do anything outrageous because given a free reign onstage they would “play naked with [their] bits covered by sunflowers.”

No worries – that won’t happen at the Timbre MusicFest. What can fans expect then? “A lot of awesome bands coupled with a lot of awesome beer, sounds awesome!”

ArtZine: 53A 10 years from now would be…?
53A: 10 years older, slightly wrinkly, slightly fatter, but still rocking out!

Band Quote:

It’s a chicken and egg thing, this industry. People depend on ‘live’ bands to provide them with good music to have a good time, yet they don’t respond with the same enthusiasm. Bands need to feel the love and excitement from the audience (not just for an ego boost mind you) but to have the motivation and energy to go on. If we sound good, then you feel good. If we see you feeling good, we’ll sound even better. Make some noise and we’ll up the show by another 110%, then everyone goes home happy.

How well do you know 53A?

– Sara is the OCD one.
– Alvin plays too much tennis.
– Irwan is obsessed with The Click Five.
– Hidir is really Dave Grohl in disguise.

Name us the first song that comes to mind!
The Pretender by the Foo Fighters.

And lasly, life without music is….

Download ArtZine’s Calendar of Timbre MusicFest here.

– By Valerie Oliveiro

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