Art Classes for Children

By: Valerie Oliveiro

Children nowadays have their weekly schedules packed with tuition classes and extra lessons in school. Gone are the days when nearly everyone knew how to play the piano (or least was sent for piano class before). The art industry is growing and art centres for children are popping up like mushrooms on our little island. We celebrate Children’s Day with a special feature on Visual Arts Education for your child.


With studios at Maxwell Road and St James’ Church Kindergarten at Demsey Road, KinderArt has art classes for ages 3-14 so you don’t have to worry about taking your child to another art centre after nursery. Depending on your child’s interest in art (for fun or for real) you can enrol him/her for beginning or intermediate classes. Geniuses are often discovered at this age too so not to worry, there are advanced classes that will mould your child perfectly. Thing is, KinderArt specialises in Visual Art only. “KinderArt believes that just as music trains our auditory and vocal senses, and ballet trains our grace and physical movements, visual arts train our mind to think in creative patterns and systemically.”

Little Artists

Little Artists is an art studio at Siglap Road. Groups are restricted to 5 students only, to ensure individual attention. There are weekly classes for tots (3-5 years old) and budding artists (6-17 years old). Budding Artists will learn about composition and perspective, landscapes, still life and drawing human figures. If regular classes aren’t what you’re looking for, you’d be happy to know that Little Artists offer holiday programmes as well! Sign your child up for the holiday specials (we hear that there’ll be one on clay and ceramics!) “Free expression and creativity, supported by skill and techniques make the sessions enjoyable for the children.”

–  UniqArts

This art centre not only provides classes for children, it also specialises in art therapy. There are 4 centres; Katong, Hougang, Sembawang and Tampines. UniqArts is indeed very unique, we’ll tell you why. Firstly, they have designed their own courseware and published a popular series of drawing books “Drawing-Is-Easy” for children. Secondly, they have created an online portal for students to have their art lessons online so they can learn anywhere and anytime. (The wonders of technology) is an extension of their Art program. Better still, your child can go on to take Art as an O-Level subject because UniqArts’ Secondary Art Program is in line with MOE’s syllabus and criteria. For those who love watching cartoons, perhaps it’s time you made your own! The Animation-is-Easy course will teach 2D and 3D animation from production, shooting, voice over, editing to final animated film or movie. Definitely Uniq.

Art Boot Camp

Tell you the truth, I was keen to join Art Boot Camp as an art instructor. (Well if I did, I’ll be teaching art now instead of writing about art) I liked Art Boot Camp because of its enthusiasm and friendly approach with the children. Art Boot Camp has two centres; one at Bukit Timah and another just newly opened in September at East Coast. There’s something for everyone: 18 mths-2+yrs old,
Wee Camp for 3-4 yr olds, Kinder Camp for 5-6 yr olds, Little Camp for 7-11 yr olds and Master Camp for 12-16 yr olds. The October 08 – June 09 schedule is up so you can register your child for the next camp. Vacation workshops are also available, held for 3 days straight.

For more listings of Art Classes for Children, visit these sites:
Angloinfo Singapore
Singapore for Kids

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