Oct ’08 Issue

Festivals Festivals!

October is a busy month and there are 6 art festivals in Singapore. We’re got them all covered, no worries. (You can imagine how tight our schedules are.)

24th French Film Festival
– Singapore Archi Fest
Singapore International Photography Festival
Da:ns Festival
– ArtSingapore (well, it’s more of an art fair than a festival but I’ll put it down anyway)
– and the Singapore Biennale (which is still going on)

I urge you to question the following about art festivals.

– Are these festivals making an impact on Singapore?
– Do people actually know these festivals are going on?
– After all the efforts put into the festival, what do festival-goers, inspiring artists and laymen take back from the festival?
– Does it inspire?
– Does it plant a seed of interest in the arts in them?
– Can the success of a festival be measured based on the number of tickets sold or the publicity that it has garnered? If not, how should a festival be evaluated?

Just more to think about on ArtZine.

– Valerie Oliveiro


It’s a new start for ArtZine as we give it a facelift it deserves. Expect more photos and weekly features packed in a stylish, sleek manner. (We love it!)

October will see many art events and festivals. I noticed though, that there are some that go unnoticed and unmentioned by the mainstream media. I feel that it is the job of the media (besides the publicists) to bring art to the people. So buckle up as we take you to roads unventured.

If everyone writes about the Biennale, which is heavily sponsored and well-supported, what’s going to happen to the less known local art events that are held in our very own backyard? These are the ones who need our support.

(KIV: If the governments concentrates all its efforts on those who are smart, then the gifted will become smarter. But what about the average students who have potential? Or the struggling but promising students? Same analogy here.)

I’ll leave you to enjoy the improvements we’ve made in our Oct Issue.
Clicking on a photo on our cover will bring you to the related full story.
– Valerie Oliveiro

1 thought on “Oct ’08 Issue

  1. I totally agree with that phrase of the media’s duty of bringing art to the people. And also covering the stuff that are hidden in the nooks and crannies.

    Instead of all the stuff people might have heard a million times twice, it’s great that other, less major events be covered as well. It’s something unique and also states that these events are also something worthwhile as well.

    Definitely helps to bridge the gap.

    – J.Raven Yep

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