Timbre Special! – Melissa Tham

ArtZine speaks to jazz singer, Melissa Tham.

We hear you’re going to have an album soon!

It is going to include some familiar jazz songs as well as obscure songs. We are still at the beginning stage of the idea, and will most likely be out mid of next year.
“Because of the type of music I do, the audiences are usually quite polite in expressing their appreciation. They are often the 30-somethings onwards with the occasional few young ones,” says Melissa. At the Timbre Music Fest, she “put in familiar jazz tunes, as well as songs the general audiences may not have heard before. It was different from what Timbre is usually about, because it was a jazz night.”

“Audiences must be open to new things,” she adds.

What’s up next after this?

I’ll work on the album, take a short break, and continue gigging, because nothing is better than doing ‘live’ performances.

If you could do anything onstage (without any consequences) you would…?

Tell people off when they do not respect the band eg. make so much noise even when sitting right at the stage, screaming and laughing without any regard for us at all, not even acknowledging the band’s existence…

Quote from Melissa

Think about arts education in Singapore, is it enough? Think about how art can contribute to society, and what is appreciation of art.

How well do you know Melissa?

– I used to teach classical piano to little kids.
– I like to cook, and am learning to cook now.
– I like to put my hands in my pockets most of the time.
– I play the clarinet.
– I am not into clubbing at all, never been to places like Zouk.

Life without music is?

Boring. We will all have one less thing to learn about, one less thing to appreciate, one less thing to spend money on.

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