Functional Art

By: Valerie Oliveiro

Just the other day, I saw some nice mugs on sale. Besides the usual “Happy Birthday” and “Get well soon” mugs was an antique mortar brick-like mug. It looked as if it was chipped out of an old castle wall, complete with genuine cracks, an uneven brim and dust. I gingerly touched the brim of the mug (where you would put your lips to drink) and indeed it was uneven and rough! Dismayed, I pulled my finger away and muttered “How can anyone possibly drink from this?”

Do you want a stylish looking mug that actually functions as a mug?

Functional art = functional objects such as dishes and clothes that are of a high artistic quality and/or craftsmanship; art with a utilitarian purpose.

Here’s where you can get some creative buys for the house.

Our Picks! from Revivehome – a site set up by our very own Singaporeans.

  • The HotMan: This cute little helper is designed to use his bulging biceps to hold hot pots, dishes and plates.

  • Magic Wine Bottle Holder: This Wine bottle holder uses the principle of balance to create a magical optical illusion. It’s flying!

Our Picks! from

  • Circle Hexagon Light by Light Design: made up of a series of truncated acrylic octagons in different sizes.

  • Corset Vase by fUNKati DESIGNS: The vase is inspired by curves. The corset and ribbons on the vase is beautiful but it leaves us wondering.. we better not fill too much water in the vase.. or it’ll spill out through the holes! Yikes!

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