Animation Nation 2008

Animated films steal the spotlight this October as Animation Nation 2008 runs from 24th October to 2nd November featuring more than 50 films from more than 10 countries. You can also check out the new Fusionopolis as some of the films will be screened there. Get ready to head to seminars and workshops, where you’ll meet with world renowned animators. ArtZine highlights the films you should catch at Animation Nation 2008.

The Piano Forest by Makoto Isshiki

Year: 2007
Runtime: 101 min
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese (with English subtitles)
Genre: Drama / Children

This animated feature was nominated for the 2008 Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year. As the opening film of Animation Nation, it has already grabbed the attention of Singaporean film-lovers, causing tickets for the screeening to be sold out even before the festival opens. The Piano Forest tells of Shuhei Amamiya who moves to a rural town. After he tells his new classmates of his dream of becoming a professional pianist where he is challenged to play on a broken piano discarded in the forest.

Watch the Trailer here:

Singapore Showcase by local animators

What do Singaporeans have in common with a bouncing egg? Honestly, we have no idea! However, you’ll find out soon enough as one of the Singapore showcase films will tell you the answer. Stories with a Singaporean twist – that’s what you can expect. New hairstyles, SARS, time management, shaping the future of our nation, rivalry, overcoming challenges, a nationwide blackout and patrioism. Definitely sounds like I’m describing Singapore right? For a truly Singaporean flavour, do check out the Singapore Showcase at the Animation Nation 2008.

Short films include:
– Barbershop (2007, 3 min)
– singapoRESILIENT (2007, 1 min)
– Katakune (2007, 2 min)
– Nation Moulders (2007, 1 min)
– Catastrophe (2007, 4 min)
– Brolly-Good (2007, 1 min)
– The Bad Nut (2007, 4 min)
– Mais (2007, 4 min)
– Did You Know? (2007, 1 min)
– The Heartbeat of a Nation (2007, 1 min)
– Two Minutes Away From Launch (2007, 6 min)
– Maternity (2007, 2 min)
– A Laughing Eye and A Weeping Eye (2007, 5 min)
– The Great Singapore Blackout (2007, 1 min)
– The Bully Menace (2007, 1 min)
– Can (2007, 12 min)
– Fusion 08 (2007, 2 min)
– Lim Bo Seng’s Letter (2007, 2 min)
– Band of Hamsters (2007, 4 min)
– Dreams (2007, 5 min)

Animation Nation 2008 Schedule

You might have missed the earlier screenings but fret not as here are more films you can catch before the festival is over!

Mon 27 Oct 2pm The Piano Forest Fusionopolis
Mon 27 Oct 4.15pm Genius Party Fusionopolis
Mon 27 Oct 7pm One Night in One City Alliance Francaise de Singapour
Mon 27 Oct 9pm Tachigui Alliance Francaise de Singapour
Tues 28 Oct 7pm Idiots and Angels + Hot Dog Alliance Francaise de Singapour
Tues 28 Oct 9pm Nocturna Alliance Francaise de Singapour
Wed 29 Oct 7pm The Piano Forest National Museum of Singapore
Wed 29 Oct 9pm Genius Party National Museum of Singapore
Thurs 30 Oct 7pm Singapore Showcase (FREE) library@esplanade
Fri 31 Oct 7pm Aardman Showcase National Museum of Singapore
Fri 31 Oct 9pm Fear(s) of the Dark + Berni’s Doll National Museum of Singapore
Sat 01 Nov 2pm Freedom Project Seminar Fusionopolis
Sat 01 Nov 4.15pm Freedom Project 1 – 7 Fusionopolis
Sun 02 Nov 11am International Shorts Showcase 3 National Museum of Singapore
Sun 02 Nov 2pm Yamamura Seminar National Museum of Singapore
Sun 02 Nov 4.15pm Yamamura Showcase National Museum of Singapore
Sun 02 Nov 7pm Tachigui National Museum of Singapore

Tickets are available from Gatecrash at $10 each. ($9 + $1 Gatecrash charge)


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