Josef Albers @ STPI

By J.Raven Yep

Josef Albers (1888 – 1976)
Birthplace: Bottrop, Germany
Style: Geometrical Abstraction
Movement: Bauhaus
Notable Work(s): Homage to the Square

In conjunction with Singapore Tyler Print Institute‘s exhibition featuring Josef Albers, ArtZine brings you facts about Albers that you might want to know about.

Born 1888 in Germany, Josef Albers was a painter, teacher, designer and printmaker in village schools and the famous school of Bauhaus. However, when Hitler’s Nazis forced Bauhaus into closing in 1933, Albers migrated to America. There he was head the art departments of Black Mountain College and Yale School of Art and started major innovations in art education.

During this time, Albers proved to be highly versatile, creating his signature “Homage to the Square“, which was a series of paintings of different coloured squares put onto each other. Most of his works were linear, with spatial relationships and calculations. In fact, Albers was well known for his studies in colour relationships, space and size in his subjects for his paintings, which he further studied while in America.

Josef Albers – Homage to the Square
Co-presented by
Hermès and Singapore Tyler Print Institute
Will be on exhibition at the STPI, 41 Robertson Quay
From now till 29 Oct, Wednesday

This is in conjunction with the launch of Hermès first limited edition on silk, Homage au Carrè, faithful reproductions of six works from the historic series by Josef Albers.

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