Proof V: Mixed Mediums, Mixed Feelings?

By J.Raven Yep

Celebrating their 28th Anniversary, the Printmaking Society of Singapore is having an exhibition of 51 works by 27 of its members, titled Proof V, at the SG Private Banking Gallery at Alliance Française de Singapour from now to Nov 4.

Headed by Cultural Medallion awardee Chng Seok Tin, the exhibition consists of works done by prominent members, including Miguel Chew, Ernest Chan and Marisa Keller as well as budding printmakers. Speaking at the exhibition’s opening, Seok Tin mentioned that out of the 51 exhibited works, 10 were new additions from NAFA students, adding that these new students have potential in printmaking.

While the works displayed in the gallery covered many different techniques of printmaking and great versatility, it did come to a point where one was unsure of where to start. With the wide selection of different works with different themes, one would expect to see diversity and artistic freedom.

However, with the restrictions of the relatively smaller gallery space, it seemed that viewers had no form of direction to take to absorb the work to its full potential. Or rather, visitors to the gallery had to change gear in thought relatively quickly as works jump from one subject theme to another that was pretty much different from the other.

The works ranged from a variety of mediums and printmaking techniques such as woodcut, etching, lithography, screen print and intaglio print. Seok Tin mentioned she was happy to see more manual work rather than digitally enhanced works.

There were a few that were digitally or graphically manipulated or influenced such as Fill in the blank by Daniel Loo and Untitled by Muhammad Sufian bin Juniwan. Seeing these almost digital works made it feel as if the exhibit was bordering towards the style of graphic design rather than fine art. Perhaps it announced the arrival of the new Generation printmakers?

One of the exhibits that did strike out was the Layered Impression Series, a screen print onto metal print work done by NAFA student, Shin Young Park. Not only did the difference in medium strike out, having screen printed and layered everyday photographical images onto each other on a metal canvas was also relatable.

Generally speaking, the gallery was crowded with guests who were mostly staff and students from NAFA. This had many of the students and other guests just merely skimming through the work, giving each piece a quick glance.

Something to think about…
What does it take to get the support of locals?

Proof V
Now till Nov 4, 2008
SG Private Banking Gallery
Alliance Française de Singapour
2nd Floor, 1 Sarkies Road

Photo Gallery of the Opening

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