Interview: The Sallys

By: Valerie Oliveiro

If you’re looking for something unconventional and fresh, The Sallys is precisely what you need: “a very melodically weird or unique undefined ska, indie & disco music mixed together.” When I first met The Sallys, it was backstage at Baybeats 2007. They immediately caught my eye – they walked in as a large group, instruments in hand and their exuberance was inspiring. ArtZine finds out more about The Sallys album launch in late November.

Tell us how the recording for your debut album went! What can we expect from that album and have you guys titled the album yet?

Ooooohh yeah we are so excited about our debut album. Firstly, we have finished the recordings and it is under the last mastering session. Secondly, a whole lot of effort has been put into the making of this album. It took us 4 years of super hardwork and money to make this album. This album is definitely worth your money, we promise! But our fans shouldn’t be shocked when they start listening to our album because we made quite big changes in all the songs. It is more refined… Lastly, the title of the album is called An unlikely story. We ripped it off from our song called Fairytale An Unlikely Story. Other than that , watch out for the album release!

What is the wackiest thing you would ever do for your fans?
We would love to give our own instruments, accessories or apparels to our fans right after every show if we have a BIG sum of money in our bank right now instead of those musicians that destroy/bang/throw their instruments on the stage. It hurts us to see that y’know?

What happens behind-the-scenes that people don’t know about gigs?
Some people have stage fright and eventhough we have performed more than 50 times, we will always be restless and EXTREMELY nervous everytime we are going to perform at any show. It would come to a point where our bodies would shiver. (laughs) I know we sound like as if we are going through a cold turkey.

If you could do anything onstage you would…?
We would love to perform in mid air like puppets y’know? (laughs) Or we might even crossdress on our album launch.. you’ll never know. (grins)

We face a lot of jealousy because Singapore is too small and the people we meet might have seen us before and judge us by our first look. Singaporeans should be more open-minded towards local music like our neighbouring countries. When I was at Sunburst Festival this year in KL, the crowd there was supporting their local bands playing at the festival . So we need MORE of this in Singapore.”

How well do you know The Sallys?

Shafiq – Likes to shout in a weird tone when he’s frustrated with his own vocals.
Kazhendra – The backbone of the band and a perfectionist when comes to music.
Yusri – The child of the band because he’s the youngest
Zahidah – A shy girl who can show her moves and skill only on stage
Izwan – The tallest and he can just shut you out from his mind instantly.
Razif – A fire-fighter and the noisiest one.
Azam – The bubbly and always happy one.
Rusdi – Also the backbone and the quiet one.

Listen to The Sallys – Lady Marmalade.

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