David the Best by Dramabox

With a few rehearsals left till the opening night, we check in with director Kok Heng Leun of Dramabox’s David the Best to find out more about the production. “The audience will be treated to a different kind of talkshow,” shares director Kok Heng Leun. It will “blend a popular cultural form with theatrical forms. A form that uses song, dance, cross-talk, monologues etc and make the audience laugh and cry and enjoy.”

While weaving in all the different forms together seamlessly proves to be a challenge for Heng Leun, he mentions that his favourite part of the production is the rehearsals. “We improvise everyday even though we already have a script”.

David the Best

Almost immediately, the biblical story of David and Goliath comes to mind. At a public discussion of the production,  it was shared that the title was only decided upon after reviewing the script. Written by a familiar voice, 100.3FM DJ Huang Wenhong, this Mandarin comedy by Dramabox will make you wonder what it is like being small in a big world and how the small survive. Hilarious and heartwarming, it is the easily relatable ‘Singaporean’ scenes in the production that will win the audience.

For Heng Leun, it’s all about size. “The idea of size. Singapore society is so obsessed with size; with being big or small or an emphasis of form over content. I would like audience to think how one transcends these.

Is theatre in Singapore facing a David and Goliath moment?
Young artists may find it tough to get resources for their work. Smaller theatre companies also. However there is no theatre company that is so big to the extent of say, being a Goliath, and I don’t quite see that kind of animosity happening between theatre companies. However, in Singapore there are instances of theatre companies that struggle with censorship, these would be seen more as a David vs Goliath situation. Though it is not every time that David would triumph.

“I also look forward to putting everything together. Working with the Set Designer, Kay Ngee, is quite exciting. He is intelligent and thoughtful, giving the play many layers of thoughts. Ricky (choreographer) and Chin Huat (Costume designer) are also trying to work out some very difficult technical aspects of the play, blending some visual moments with movements and visual texture,” shares Heng Leun.

Meet the cast of David the Best: Huang Wenhong, Goh Seok Ai, Jo Tan, Pat Toh and Renee Chua
We speak to the cast to find out how rehearsals have been.
Read their interviews here.

David the Best by Dramabox
Performed in Mandarin with English subtitles
Date: 19 – 22 Nov 2008
Time: 8pm & 3pm (Sat Matinee)
Runtime: 1 hr 30 mins
Venue: Drama Centre Theatre, NLB Level 3
Tickets are available at Sistic: $58, $48, $38, $28

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