Interview: Allura

Allured. That’s what we were when we first heard them play.

From Baybeats 2007 to Mosaic to now, Allura has grown to become one of the nominees for Best Breakthrough Act at Junksounds 2008. They’re on the road to the MTV Asia Awards soon, we hope.

Conceived in early 2007, Allura’s a five-piece band that’s… “bold, brash and beautiful! (Just to keep with the alliteration)” ArtZine speaks to the band that’s ready to roll on the road to fame.

What is the wackiest thing you would ever do for your fans / anything wacky you’ve done for your fans?
Aaron and Mark have dressed up in mascot suits for a show at World Animal Day! The pictures are floating around somewhere on the internet…(*cough* facebook *cough*) I don’t think we have any fans that are animals, but we’re definitely fans of animals!

What happens behind-the-scenes that people don’t usually get to see at gigs?
We brainstorm ideas on what we’re gonna do before the show, e.g how we’re gonna prance around on stage, which ‘rockstar’ pose we’re gonna adopt, how many picks we’re gonna throw into the audience, to smash or not smash up our instruments.. I’m just teasing! We do normal things I guess, throat warmups, finger and hand warmups, get a drink or two. It’s really boring eh..

Which is your favourite track on your EP Wake up and Smell the Seaweed?
Mark: It’s seasonal, but right now I’d have to say Closure.

Any upcoming gigs?
Yes! We are performing for a gig called Spread the Love, which is happening on the 23rd of November. It’s a beneficiary concert for children, as proceeds will go to a children’s home!

If you could do anything onstage you would…
Attempt acrobatic stunts while performing! We wish…

How well do you know Allura?

Inch – is a vegetarian and at times count sheep to sleep!
Aaron – likes to make faces with his stomach
Mark – twitches in his sleep
Matthew – he’s a mommy’s boy, and although he’s a vegetarian, he absolutely hates bitter gourd
Han Quan – food decomposes faster than him finishing a meal. and according to someone, has slight OCD.

“One thing would be garnering support from local audience. There’s still a mindset that foreign bands are better, and that Singapore bands are second rate. SIngaporean bands can be as good as foreign bands, if not better! Look at B-Quartet, for example. We would also like the Singaporean audience to question why there aren’t enough local bands on radio!”

Listen to Allura’s Ladeeda.

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