Spotted: Yumumu

Yilin of Yumumu creates the perfect ‘paperdoll-like’ dresses for dainty women.Unafraid of colour, her Paperdoll dress line infuses bright yellows, oranges and the occasional browns. As her dresses fit snugly, there’s a concern that her garments are only those of the petite ‘paperdolls’ only. “I am fascinated by how the flat garment radically transforms as it falls against the contours of the human body.”

Our favourite is her East Asian Misfits line. The simple form is reminiscent of shift dresses in the 1960s. “I enjoy moulding, draping and sculpting garments that would bring alive the peculiarities of the wearer, drawing my inspiration not from fleeting trends but shifting ideas that we often overlook.”

The Label

Yu,mu,mu is Mandarin for ‘Rain, Wood, Wood’. The three Chinese radicals come together to form the ‘lin’ character of my name. Their elemental nature echoes the undated appeal of the designs. Also, I like how it sounds like the mumblings of our universal language – babytalk.
Each collection tells its own story.

Designs are produced in small quantities to ensure their exclusivity so you don’t have to worry about seeing someone else in the same dress!

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2 thoughts on “Spotted: Yumumu

  1. Hi Yilin,

    I would like to know where can I find your dresses/show room? Understand that the range for East Asian Misfits line were almost sold. So when is the next batch available?

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