Spotted: The Green Tower


How Green can you go? Very green, in fact. Especially with the new Green Tower planned for the junction of Waterloo Road and Middle Road in Singapore.


From the same architects that designed the National Library at Bras Basah, comes a new lush EDITT Tower that even has water catchment areas! You can expect everything to be eco-friendly with Hamzah & Yeang’s creation. For over 3 decades, this duo is been best known for designing innovative signature green buildings and masterplans.

Singapore’s 26 storey EDITT Tower is being created to rehabilitate an urban, non-organic site, classified as ‘zero-culture’ where the natural ecosystem has been completely devastated.

The unique feature of this scheme is the well-planted facades and vegetated terraces that surround the building. The vegetation areas are designed to be continuous and to ramp upwards from the ground to the uppermost floor.

The tower’s green credentials continue inside the tower with ecological features including water self-sufficiency through rainwater-collection and the design optimises recovery and recycling of sewage waste through the creation of compost and bio-gas fuel.


Green Facts:

  • Total rain-water collection = 12,141 m3 per annum
  • Expected recycleable waste collected /annum: (1 metric ton = 1000 kg)
    • paper / cardboard = 41.5 metric-tonnes
    • glass / ceramic = 7.0 metric-tonnes
    • metal = 10.4 metric-tonnes
  • 40% energy will come through a system of solar panels.
  • The design is ‘loose-fit’ to facilitate future reuse:
    • ‘Skycourts’ (i.e. convertable for future office use)
    • Removable partitions
    • Removable floors
    • Flexible design (e.g. initially a multi-use expo building, its future use may be offices.
  • Wind is used to create internal conditions of comfort by “wind-walls” that a placed parallel to the prevailing wind to direct wind to internal spaces and skycourts for comfort cooling.

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