Korean Contemporary Art


Want to see the ‘Bae’utiful Koreans?

Switch off your Korean dramas and head to the Singapore Art Museum for the Korean Contemporary Art exhibition entitled Transcendence: Modernity and Beyond in Korean Art.

From now till March 15, get acquainted with modern Korean Artists and their unique approach to traditional forms. In attempt to rediscover traditional art methods, their works may be seen to be oscillating between the past and present. Held in conjunction with the Korean Festival in Singapore, the exhibition examines Korean contemporary art development over the last few decades and features over 40 works by 13 artists.


Our favourite Korean contemporary artist: Bae Myung-Hee

She works mainly with ink, playing with the idea of shapes in nature. It’s East meets West for Bae: her balanced view of Eastern emphasis on idea and Western demand of form. Bae emphasizes the coexistence of the Eastern and Western ways of art by grafting form on idea. Her abstraction of time lets viewers feel that time more concrete, at least in her art.

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