Future of Imagination 5


Don’t shy away from performance art. The Future of Imagination is the only local performance art event organised by artists. Featuring renowned international and local performance artists, The Future of Imagination 5 will be held at Sculpture Square from November 12 to 14.

The possibilities are endless when working in raw explorations of body, space and time-based performances. Some will be specifically exploring performance as an intrinsic utopian universal language, yet others embark on the body as sound, audio or visual producers. Yet others address performance art in terms of social subjectivities or interventions.

This year, there will also be a forum to discuss issues brought up by the performances and to make comparative studies between the different practices of performance artists.

Show your support for our local artists

Lynn Lu


Lynn has received numerous grants, awards and commissions from the Singapore National Arts Council, Lee Foundation, Ucross Foundation, and Carnegie Mellon University. Since 1997, Lynn has exhibited and performed extensively in Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, the United States, Argentina, UK, France, Swi tzerland, Germany, Austria, Estonia, Denmark, Poland, Belarus, and Canada.

Zai Kuning – As an artist, Zai Kuning deliberately complicates convenient categorization, employing a wide range of practices from video to poetry to theatre, dance, performance art, music and installation art. In 2003 he completed his short film entitled RIAU and was widely screened in many international film festivals like Rotterdam Film Festival and Busan Film Festival. RIAU now is a permanent collection of Fukuoka Asian Art Museum.

Jason Lim


Jason’s practice transverses ceramics, sculpture and performance art and is regarded as a maverick in the ceramics field, Lim has radically shifted assumptions about ceramics as a discipline, pushing its potential as a media in installation and performance art. Lim’s performances often play on boundaries of risky precarious situations, teasing the audiences with a cheeky use of the materials and spaces.

Chia Chu Yia

Chuyia’s major was painting, but she always explore to other mediums for her curiosity and satisfactory from time to time. Besides painting and installation art, she is focus more on performance art, currently. Her concerns surrounded by the idea of structuring her identity from the changes of different environments and building senses of direction and placement, reviewing and collecting it in her artworks. She uses body and mirrors as a metaphor in search for discovery and possibility in her reflectivity self-structure.

Kai Lam


Versatile and prolific skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed-media installation and performance, Lam also collaborate in theater productions and co-organize art events in 1999. Art-making to Kai Lam is a tool for a better understanding of the environment where he lives in and an exploration of life and social human conditions. His artworks are created as a social commentary and creative response to the urban pluralistic society.

Lee Wen

Lee Wen’s performances and installations often expose and question the ideologies and value systems of individuals as well as social structures. His work attempts to combine Southeast Asian contexts with international currents in contemporary art. In 2003 Lee initiated, with the support of the Artists Village, “The Future of Imagination”, an international performance art event that includes forum, documentation and presentation of performance art in Singapore. Lee was awarded Singapore’s Cultural Medallion in 2005.

Angie Seah


Since 1997, she has been making drawings, performance art, installations and clay sculptures . Art making is a tool for Angie to understand the social environment and responding to deal with the everyday life of human conditions and in the context of her autobiographical situations. Cutting through the white noise of daily lives, the depths of mind, the unconscious; connecting her with the basic emotions that make her human.

Sabrina Koh

Sabrina is a multi-disciplinary artist and writer. A graduate with a Diploma in Interior Design from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 2002, she crossed over to pursue BA (Hons) Fine Art with Contemporary Writing. Sabrina explores issues relating body and sexuality, through writing, performance and installation art.


Programme for FOI 5

Day 1 – November 12, 7pm onwards

  • Lee Wen (Singapore), StaggerLee, 30mins
  • Ronaldo Ruiz (The Philippines), Camouflage, 20mins, outdoor.
  • Mongkol Plienbangchang (Thailand), Balanceunbalance, 30mins
  • Fabien Montmartin (France), Unknown Ways, 30mins
  • Chia Chu Yia (Singapore), GoldRush, 40mins
  • Lynn Lu (Singapore), Lemonade stand, 6 hours
  • Cai Qing (Germany/China), Transformation, 30mins, outdoor

Day 2 – November 13, 7pm onwards

  • Adina Bar-On (Israel), 40 x 40
  • Melati Suryodarmo (Indonesia)
  • Myriam Laplante (Italy), Once Upon a Time, 20mins, Indoor
  • Kai Lam (Singapore)
  • Angie Seah (Singapore), Black out, 30mins
  • Dariusz Fodczuk (Poland), The Tiny Therapeutic Theatre, 30mins, Indoor
  • Gwendoline Robin (Belgium), Where is the future?, 15mins, Indoor

Day 3 – November 14, 7pm onwards

  • Helmut Lemke (Germany/UK), Untitled, Outdoor
  • Yuenjie Maru (Hong Kong), So Close So Far, 30mins
  • Duan Ying Mei (Germany/China), Yingmei, 30mins, Indoor
  • Cheng Guang Feng (China), Water Resonance, 30mins
  • Sabrina Koh (Singapore)
  • Jason Lim (Singapore), Last Drop (stack), 30mins, Indoor

Day 4 – November 15, 11am onwards

  • Screening of performances presented in the last 3 days
  • Forum/Discussion, 2.30pm onwards
    Public Forum/ Discussion on issues arises from Future of Imagination 5.
    Invited respondents:
    Lin Qinyi (NUS Museum)
    Wang Zeneng (Christie’s)
    Jeremy Chu (artist)
    Susie Lingam (NAFA)
    Bruce Quek (artist)
    Adele Tan (Moderator, PhD researcher on performance art in China)

3 thoughts on “Future of Imagination 5

  1. It’s enlightening to see that the arts scene in singapore is improving. We were so wayback 5 years ago. Right now, there seems to be a huge number of singapore tourist attractions too. Both the locals and tourists benefit.

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