First Take 2008


On Dec 1, the Substation was packed with film-lovers as the Best of First Take 2008 short films were screened. The audience voted for their favourite First Take film… and guess who won?

The Audience Favorite for Best of First Take 2008 is Suffian Zainuddin who made Tak Dong Cheng!

Suffian walked away with a DVD hamper containing Tan Pin Pin’s Box Set DVD, Singapore Shorts DVD, Singapore Shorts Vol. 2 DVD, James Lee DV Shorts DVD, Flower In the Pocket DVD, 3 Short Films by Tan Chui Mui DVD and Latent Images CD Rom.

Read our interview with Suffian and the other directors.


Top Films of First Take 2008:

All shortlisted films were screened at the Substation on Dec 1.

Best friends Jas and Farid are interested in learning lion dance. However, they face many obstacles and challenges while learning a different culture. In a multi-cultural country such as Singapore, will they be able to realize their dreams?

A portrait of the accidental dissolution of human relationships, set against the backdrop of hollow, superficial and volatile electronic communication. Peggy (Neo Swee Lin), a lonely retiree hooked on American soap operas, has an introverted son, who suffers from social anxiety disorder. They live in the same house but exit in completely different realities that never converge.

Comma as in the punctuation is inspired by Buddhist philosophy. Comma is a short abstract performance experimental film of daily activity based on Buddhist teachings. The film uses familiar kitchen appliances to describe reincarnation.

  • The Mitre Spell / 15mins / Tony Kern

The film began as a curious query more than anything. What started off as a one night visit to the now defunct Mitre Hotel and a few questions, soon became a fledgling documentary project. At the Mitre, there was an endless supply of quirky answers that inevitably gave rise to more questions. We started recording interviews on tape and were given permission to roam the premise for a time. Soon it would seem, I too came under the Mitre spell and became fascinated with the old place.

  • Flyer / 19mins / Helmi Yusof

Walking down a busy street, a reporter is handed a flyer that reads: “Would you like to die? Visit us at Block 108, Kallang Way.” He goes to the address to investigate but gets sucked into a bizarre world of shadows and enigma. His colleagues try to rescue him, but they too become ensnared.

  • White / 2mins / Tan Wei Keong

A Singapore International Film Festival finalist in 2007, White tells of a man, dissatisfied with a white cube for a head, decides to give it up immediately for a fanciful one in the name of self-improvement. Wei Keong is currently studying animation at the School of Art, Design and Media in Nanyang Technological University. White was completed as a school assignment in 2006.

  • Where can I find a replacement? / 16mins / Shafiq Iskandar

A subjective video in the style of a documentary about P. Ramlee and the fall of Malay Film Industries during the 70s, of how they have been forgotten by the people today and to bring back memories of what it is to be called the golden era of film at that time. Could we have another P. Ramlee today?

  • Shut In / 23mins / Pamela Pang

Shut In explores the dysfunctional world of Jason, a young urban hermit whose solitary lifestyle is disrupted when Janice, a vivacious young woman turns up unexpectedly at his front door. A beautiful chemistry develops. Janice brings life and vitality to Jason, something that was lost to him when he shut himself in. But it seems that Janice has a little secret and as with all secrets, it eventually unravels.

  • In Our Own Words / 17 mins / Melinda Tan

What is the definition of normality? Two young kidney patients go on a quest to challenge society’s perception of them. In the process, they discover their own ability to redefine what being normal is all about.

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