Interview: Ezzam Rahman


ArtZine chats with director Ezzam Rahman, whose film entitled Comma has been shortlisted as one of the top favourite films of First Take 2008.

Comma / 3mins / Ezzam Rahman

Ezzam: Yes, Comma as in the punctuation. The film is inspired by Buddhist philosophy. Comma is a short abstract performance experimental film of daily activities based on Buddhist teachings. I used familiar kitchen appliances to represent reincarnation.

I made this really short experimental film after having numerous conversations with my partner. He is Buddhist whereas I’m Muslim so we had long chats sharing and understanding each other’s beliefs. He inspired me.

The short film took:

Ezzam: A few hours! I can edit using my PC so it is really a no budget kind of film. Work with my bare minimum!

Take Two

Ezzam: We were not able to break glass in the intended way. It took me two takes and my friend and I had a hard time cleaning up the mess!


What was your reaction when you were informed that it was one of the favourite films?
Ezzam: WHAT! you must be kidding me! An experimental film got into the line up of First Take? I can’t believe it! (laughs)

If you won, you would?

Ezzam: Shout “YOU MUST BE KIDDING!” to the audience! (laughs) Then I’ll cry, roll on the floor 3 times and make a world peace speech by thanking the audience, First Take, Substation, my family, my friends and God!

“If you have a good story and a group of buddies who share the same passion in filmmaking and are willing to take risks – DO IT! Keep on following your hearts and try every genre. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and take every criticism with an open mind. Just do it, you’ll never know ’til you try right?”

Any new projects?

Ezzam: I’m making a new experimental film and hopefully early next year I will have another film down. I am still conceptualising the theme though. Hopefully I can start next month!


All shortlisted films for First Take 2008 will be screened at the Substation on Dec 1.
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