Vietnam art exhibition


Vietnam: The Hidden Charm

By: Stephanie Jade

Vietnamese modern painting and other forms of fine art continues to flourish and charm art enthusiasts with their poetic and lyrical depiction of southeast-asian life, supported by their popularity among collectors and auction houses.

Vietnam the Hidden Charm is a group exhibition by 8 vietnamese artists under the Lotus Gallery (Vietnam) from both the old and new generation, including the late Bui Xuan Phai. The works displayed ranges from oil painting, lacquer, and photographs. My favorite would be the white atmospheric paintings by Le Ngoc Tuong and the black and white photographs by Hoang The Nhiem.

If you’ve been to the Modern Vietnamese art exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum a couple of months back, you will notice that there’s a big difference in the artworks represented. I guess this exhibition is geared towards collectors and buyers, but for those curious you can drop by to check out samples of Vietnamese art.
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