Singapore Biennale 08 comes to a close

Say goodbye to the slippers windmills that altered our skies and giant maggots that infested our land. The Singapore Biennale, which brought 137 local and international works to our streets, came to a close on Nov 16.

Audience involvement was deemed as the Biennale’s priority and the National Arts Council was proud to announce that the second edition of the Singapore Biennale saw 505, 200 visitors over two months, achieving its target of 500,000. Over 500 volunteers came forward to experience the artworks first-hand too.

Entitled Wonder, the Biennale gave visitors an opportunity to view the works up-close.

Was your experience of the Singapore Biennale as wonderful?

Share with us your thoughts on the Singapore Biennale – what you liked or how the Biennale can improve. (We could list the praises from the local and international media, but we want to hear from YOU!)

Read what others say about the Singapore Biennale 2008! [COMING SOON]

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