Interview: A Vacant Affair


Keep it hush-hush. It’s an affair we’d rather keep to ourselves. But.. HOW can we keep quiet when there’s news on A Vacant Affair’s debut album launch! ArtZine talks to the boys to find out more.

A Vacant Affair is… “the sound of an aggressive pack of monkeys on acid, complete with screaming and banging instrumentation”, says the band.

Tell us about the album!
AVA: Our debut album is called Reasons To Leave and is set to be released in December. This record is a culmination of all our efforts since we began preparations in early 2007. We have learnt alot since our 5-track EP (Released mid-2006) and listeners can expect a more mature sounding, grittier AVA than before.

AVA: This album draws on wider palette of underground music influences and is a based upon the trials and tribulations of a man in the darkest throes of his life and the measures he takes to pull himself out of his situation. Without giving too much away, listeners can expect an intense, dynamic record set to put you on one heck of a ride.

Partly inspired by circumstances surrounding front man Matthew Lim at a trying point of time in his life, Matthew combines metaphor and searingly honest lyricism that draws from personal experiences such as the passing away of a loved one, the rediscovery of hope and finding the strength to move on in such circumstances.

News on the album launch!

AVA: Our album launch on Friday December 26th at the Esplanade Recital Studio. (Mark your calendars!)

What can fans expect?

AVA: We will be pulling out all the stops at this one night only showcase, incorporating video backdrops, lighting arrangements and not to mention performing almost every song in our catalog, including Reasons To Leave in its entirety!

A well planned set list is also very important to keep the audience engaged by mixing up different moods, placing slower numbers along with faster ones, arranging crowd favourites with new material, all while making sure that the transitions in between songs go smoothly.


How well do you know A Vacant Affair?

  • Bassist Shen – avoids eating vegetables
  • Guitarist Joshua – can bust the most convincing 1980s dance moves you’ve seen
  • Frontman Matthew –  likes to classify anywhere too far from his home as a ‘MAD PLACE’.
  • Drummer Hafiz – might come across as quiet in person but is known to say and do the most random things
  • Guitarist Rudi could probably be the most intense air-drummer in Marine Parade.

“A lot of promising young bands tend to slow down or disappear altogether once they enlist in National Service, and those bands that manage to stick around through NS are faced with the pressures of the working world.”

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