The Office Party by SRT


“Someone likes you,” says your co-worker in a singsong voice. “Brad just snuck in a present on your desk.” “Brad who?” you ask, trying to seem nonchalant even as your voice betrays you by cracking and you feel yourself blushing deep scarlet.

Get tangled up in office romance as things start to heat up at the annual office Christmas Party. The party is a big deal – it spells promotions, bonuses and politics for all except the lovebirds.

This Christmas, treat your loved one to a comedy written by John Godber and directed by Tracie Pang.   Picture The Office meets Love Actually: you’re in for a rollercoaster ride through the minefield of office politics, petty differences, sexual harassment and hidden desires.


At the advertising company Chapman and Howard, the staff have taken great pains to prepare for their traditional Christmas bash, and to ensure that they avoid any scandals similar to last year’s which resulted in a visit from the police and the Managing Director’s divorce! But when the drinks flow and the good times roll, the party lurches from one disaster to another.

Starring Jason Chan, Wendy Kweh, Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie.


The Office Party by SRT
27th November to 13 December
8pm – Mondays to Saturdays
4pm Matinee – Fridays and Saturdays
Tickets are available from SISTIC: $40 to $58
Venue: DBS Arts Centre

2 thoughts on “The Office Party by SRT

  1. Not a bad show! Quite funny – my workmates and I generally had a good time. The acting was varied – some really overdone bits from Michael Corbidge and Shane Mardjuki but bearable. Jason Chan was the best thing in it. He had a full character and didn’t overplay like the others.

    Didn’t think much of the direction – bit obvious – but then I thought the same of The Pillowman (also directed by Tracie Pang).

    But all in all it was fun. Mindless fun.

  2. Yeah what is the big deal with Tracie Pang? Thought it was boringly directed. Very draggy and over the top. No one around me was laughing. Didn’t like it much at all. And what’s with the ending? It was like: “is that it?”. Think srt should stick to bringing in directors from overseas. It seems amateurish.

    Having said that…Jason Chan, Sue Tordoff and Wendy Kweh were quite watchable. But I saw from the program that they all trained overseas!

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