Short+Sweet Singapore 2009


This Australian grown-festival is back in Singapore to showcase 10-minute plays written by local and international playwrights.

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Sour Jokes exhibition


Opening 27 January at the Alliance Française de Singapour, Sour Jokes will surprise you with works from Lasalle students.

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Review: Betrayed Babies by Panggung Arts


By: Rannald Sim

A missed opportunity

Betrayed Babies is essentially a play about techies acting as actors when none show up for rehearsal, and are of course acted by none other by the techies in Panggung ARTS themselves.

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Review: Father.Mother.Dog by Futur3


By: Rannald Sim

Family just is.

I absolutely loved It bedazzles. It is provocative, eccentric, disturbing and yet enthralling. Humour is blended with tension, angst and resent, strewn in with a dash of Freud and a pick of the future. Amongst the plays in the Fringe Festival that I watched, it was perhaps the only one which dared to portray a vision for a radically different notion of ‘family’, and boldly questioned human nature itself.

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Review: Variacions Al.leluia by Lanònima Imperial


By J.Raven Yep

“Nobody understands life. We only interpret life.”

Variacions’ director, Juan Carlos Garcìa mentioned this during the dialogue session held in the Esplanade Theatre Studio. True enough, that was the prominent theme of Variacions Al.leluia, the dance piece performed by Spanish group, Lanònima Imperial.

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Review: We Live in a Box by Irfan Kasban


By: Rannald Sim

What the Box really means.

We Live in a Box is Irfan Kasban’s debut English play which was held at the Substation as part of the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival. The small enclosed space of the Guinness Theatre clearly fits the bill as suggested by the title, though somebody has got to do something about those darned seats.

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