Interview: Jannah Monjiat


By: Valerie Oliveiro

The Substation’s First Take films are back. Come 2 March, Jannah Monjiat’s film entitled Uncleboy will be screened alongside other local short films. We catch up with Jannah.

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Interview: Past Caring Cast


By: Ho Chenling

The cast of Past Caring –  Siti Khalijah, Glynis Angell, Leroy Parsons and Sukania Venugopal share their feelings about the play and how they’ve prepared for it.

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Interview: Defending the Caveman

defending the caveman

By: Jereen Leow

Have you always wondered why men and women appear not to get along yet can’t live without each other?

If your answer is “Yes!”, Defending the Caveman, the longest solo running play in Broadway history, just might hold the plausible answers to how the opposite sexes attract and repel.

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SDT’s Cinderella


By: Chan Sze Wei & Valerie Oliveiro

After a strong showing with last December’s Nutcracker, Singapore Dance Theatre (SDT) brings us Cinderella, which will be showing at the Esplanade from 6-8 March.

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Interview: Vigneswaran Rajkumar


Vignes shares about his short film entitled No ten dollars ride, which will be screened on March 2 as part of the Substation’s First Take March picks. The film tells of a trishaw rider’s point of view. (remember the trishaw uncle bullying incident?)

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Sleepless Town by Toy Factory


By: Valerie Oliveiro

“If you had a superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it?” We posed this question to the cast of Sleepless Town – the musical with atypical heroes and villains.

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