In Concert: Ani Difranco


Ani Difranco flies down to Singapore from Australia just 3 days before her one-night only performance at the Esplanade Theatre on Feb 10.

There’s a week left and guess what? All the Level 1 Box seats are already fully booked! Tickets are selling fast and we’re here to share what’s so great about this folksinger from USA.

Ani Difranco isn’t just any other singer. She’s a Grammy-award-winning singer-songwriter and socio-political activist! She’s been to a safe-house in Thailand where several former political prisoners under Burma’s regime were living after they had fled the country. “A guitar was passed around for over an hour and quite a variety of people took turns singing songs. It was amazing to see music once again bridging cultures. Also, it was incredibly moving to see how passionately all the former political prisoners sang.” Ani shares.


Her latest album entitled Red Letter Year celebrates love and reflects Ani’s gleeful take on political issues. Her signature staccato style is often accompanied by lines in a speaking style noted for its rhythmic variations. Obama’s inauguration inspired Ani to write her own letter to Obama, which is printed in Ms.Magazine alongside other influential women in US.

This album sees a softer Ani – inspired by her baby girl, Petah Lucia.

“I think that’s what’s behind those little moments of talking or laughter  that seep into the record,” Ani explains on her website.

Ani Difranco by Greenhorn Productions
Esplanade Theatre
10 February, Tuesday
Tickets: $68, $88, $118, $148
10% discount available for fans on Greenhorn Productions’ Facebook page.


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