Flirtatious Feb: Books


If you’re not spending Valentine’s Day out perhaps you’d like to curl up in bed o instead with a new book. Kenny and Karen from Booksactually share with us their flirtatious picks for February.

Top 3 picks:


1. Alain de Botton / Essays in Love / $29.50
Karen & Kenny: It is one of the “perfect books” that dissects love in an unbiased & clinical manner. From the blossoming of a new-found romance to the wretchedness of a breakup, Botton will systemically tell you what are the cause & effects of each stage of love without sounding like a self-help book.


2. Henry Miller / Quiet Days in Clichy / $28.50
Karen & Kenny: This book offers an insight of the great writer, Miller, who has experienced love in all its forms from his salad days, his mid-life crisis days, and finally to his mellowed days. After all, Miller was the one that Anias Nin was in love with, and the latter is famous for her “sexual escapade” novels too.


3. Marguerite Duras / The Lover / $21.50
Karen & Kenny: This one details the experiences of a young girl who is just reaching puberty. She meets her first love and reveals how naive and dangerous love can really be.
Above books are available from:

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