Interview: Andrew Lua


Andrew Lua plays the Incredible Bulk in the musical Sleepless Town.

– Tell us more about the character that you will be playing. Do you relate to any of the characters?

My main character is Byron Banner a.k.a The Incredible Bulk. I’m the abandoned cousin of The Hulk & She-hulk. I’m a 2nd generation superhero as I got my powers when I received a blood transfusion from Bruce Banner when I got into a car accident. Because I’m 2nd generation, I’m not fully evolved and am unable to control my prowess efficiently hence I often get shunned and teased at by other superheroes from superhero school. Despite my physical strength, I’m an introvert with self esteem issues but overall underrated nice guy

What are some of the challenges you have faced while preparing for the production?

Since this is a new musical, the process is alot tougher, creating this reality of Sleepless town from nothing. Some musicals in Broadway or west end take years or decades to conceptualize and finally stage. A luxury we do not have in Singapore. The challenge is to fully bring the director’s vision into fruition and share with the audience this world we have created.

– What is your favourite part of the production?

The wonderful cast and crew definitely. This is my first time working with Beatrice as a director as well as Zaini as a choreographer and I’m really pumped up by it. The synergy has been great thus far, a fabulous cast with loads of joy and laughter despite of the hard work and perspiration. The process of this production with the people makes this journey a special one.

And since we’re talking about Superheros,
– Who is your favourite superhero?

Wolverine & Hiro Nakamura
Wolverine for his tenacity and being the epitomy of ‘Manliness’
Hiro for his steadfast belief in being a righteous warrior and his cool ability to control time and space.

– If you had superpowers, what would it be and what would you do with it?

To be able to control time & space.
Time is forever moving and one can never gain more time, a second is a second or a minute is a minute, nothing more nothing less. To have more time to do stuff, to relive special moments or to fast forward bad times (Like fix the economic crisis or to jump pass it all together)
Teleportation to travel to the many destinations I’ve never been before and it definitely saves time and the effort to travel on a plane with a crying baby

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