Interview: Defending the Caveman

defending the caveman

By: Jereen Leow

Have you always wondered why men and women appear not to get along yet can’t live without each other?

If your answer is “Yes!”, Defending the Caveman, the longest solo running play in Broadway history, just might hold the plausible answers to how the opposite sexes attract and repel.

Starring award-winning theatre actor Daniel Jenkins, Defending the Caveman makes its way onto Singapore shores on March 11-15. It will be a great opportunity for the Singaporean audience to get acquainted with the Broadway play that has tickled audiences from over 30 countries all over the world. ArtZine is looking forward to the hilarious and insightful play about the differences between men and women. It will also be an eye-opener to watch Jenkins, who has also starred in other major Broadway productions such as Big River and Angels in America.

Jenkins spoke to ArtZine about performing in Singapore.


“I’ve been fortunate to have been acting in Singapore now for almost six years and I know what a fantastically exciting theatre scene there is here and how passionate theatre audiences are. I hope that Defending the Caveman will add something new and entertaining to this fast growing and vibrant industry,” Jenkins said.

When quizzed about what he liked about the play, Jenkins explained, “I think Defending the Caveman is so well written and the situations discussed so well that people cannot fail to recognize themselves or their partner in the stories told on stage and be amused by them.”

What’s more, he said, is that the subject matter of Defending the Caveman, i.e. the differences between men and women, is always topical, relevant and of interest to an audience. The play will also be updated to keep it fresh and contemporary.

Defending the Caveman, as Jenkin aptly described, will keep audiences “thoroughly entertained for a couple of hours”. Singaporean audiences should walk out of the theatre with a huge smile, a greater understanding of men and women, and well, perhaps a little more sympathy for the Caveman.

Defending the Caveman
Show timings: 11-15 March, 8pm
Venue: DBS Arts Centre – Home of SRT
Tickets at $40, available from SISTIC.

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