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Can’t touch this! This March, Kenny and Karen from Booksactually share with us attractive reads that you will not be able to put down.


K & K: The main character, Gregor Samsa, wakes up one day and finds himself transformed into an insect.  What is there not to like? I mean there are days when we wake up, dreading to face the person we report to at work, and what better way to change our moods, by turning into an insect (think: stink-bug), and create a nice aroma in the office of the person before he/she comes in.

On a more serious note, Gregor Samsa as a gigantic insect is as well-known as the Jane Austen, the writer in the literary world.  And we’re certain it will stay that way as new generations of readers becomes acquainted with this gigantic insect.

Jon Krakauer’s INTO THE WILD

K & K: Written by Jon Krakauer after an exhaustive research on the life of one individual Christopher McCandless who literally walked into the wild, armed with his ideas, and self-taught survival skills.  Even though, critics have lambasted McCandless’s suggested “immaturity” of tackling Alaskan wilderness – that even the most experienced Alaskan native would avoid – through Krakauer research, McCandless is vindicated for his decision & ability to survive in the cold wilderness,

And from reading McCandless actual diary entries, we come away learning things about ourselves, in the manner in which we tackle our lives on a daily basis, and why sometimes thinking of the bigger picture, is as equally important to thinking of our own needs.

Austin Tappan Wright’s ISLANDIA

K & K: John Lang is the main character in ISLANDIA.  Mesmerizing the character may be, but it is the creation of the book that is the infinite capture.

The original ISLANDIA was conceived by Wright as a small boy.  Creating its civilization became his lifelong leisure occupation, and it eventually became a literary work of epic proportions.  It is a detailed history of an imagined country complete with geography, genealogy, representations from its literature, language and culture.

Holding its own water beside Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, the book is finally back in publication again.


K & K:A book of mysterious makings as the story or stories are all told over a period of 66 days.  They cover a wide range of genres and subjects, including the gothic, the picaresque, the erotic, the hostorical, the moral, and the philosophical.  What we have in effect from Potocki is a story within 66 stories, everything is intertwined and all the characters interacts with one another.

We promise that the moment you pick up this book, the only aim that one succumbs to, is to finish the book.

Martin Amis’s EXPERIENCE

K & K: An autobiography written in 1995 by Martin Amis, that details his childhood, to early years as a student and eventually a famous writer in his own right.  In here, we read a lot of his interactions & family life with his also famous writer father, Kingsley Amis but without the cliche, of the son trying to fill his famous father’s shoes.

From reading Amis, adventures with academia, and his long-suffering dental problems, to the demise of his cousin by one of UK most notorious serial killers, you get a sense of humanity & everyday life.  Plus, more importantly, the ability to view life from a humourous perspective, and also the need to poke fun at oneself no matter how bad times are.

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