Music Mania!


Audiences will be spoiled for choice as March ushers a music mania unlike any other.

It sets off on 5 March with the crooning Jason Mraz and his funky guitar; marking his second visit to Singapore after frenzied fans set up a “Bring Jason Mraz back to Singapore!” plea on the Internet.

And it keeps getting better.

6 March will host the highly-esteemed St Thomas Boys’ Choir from Germany as they perform the compositions of the legendary Bach. Those who missed the Vienna Boys when they were in Singapore last year wouldn’t want to miss the second best boys’ choir in world. Their one-night only concert is almost sold out!

If you’re willing to take a weekend-trip to Genting, you’ll be one of the lucky few to watch Kitaro ‘live’ on 7 March. Unfortunately, Singapore was not on his tour’s plan but we wouldn’t mind travelling up for such Grammy-award winning musical bliss.

The Singapore Youth Choir (SYC) Ensemble sings under the baton of Jennifer Tham on 8 March. They continually explore the concept of sound: from chiming bells to echoes. They will be performing songs specially written for them.

9 March – A much-needed day of rest for the hectic days to come. (You’ll see why)

On 10 March, start jumping in your red jumpsuits as The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus rocks ┬áthe Marquee in Downtown East. Their hit song “Your Guardian Angel” brought this American band into the MP3’s of Singaporeans here.

If you’ve grown out of the “crazy, jumping fan” stage, why not try Les Contes d’Hoffman from 13 March? While there are new rock bands popping like mushrooms all over the world, there are not as many fine opera singers left to appreciate.

The centre of gravity, the heart of the explosion, the eye of the storm… is the Mosaic Music Festival! All eyes (and ears) are on the upcoming Mosaic festival that runs from 13 to 22 March at the Esplanade. As the name suggests, Mosaic imports varied and unconventional music for Singapore to enjoy. Peculiar sounds like Psapp‘s toytronica duet creeps in to the studio – unnoticed before but loved after. With nouveau selections such as The Cinematic Orchestra, the festival embodies an international buffet of samba (Claudia Acuna), dance (of Montreal) and jazz (Mike Stern).

Do you enjoy your music with a drink? All Heineken Music Club ticket-holders and Heineken Club members will be glad to know that the ticket comprises of a Heineken to go along with your smooth music experience. Performances include the sultry-voiced Skye (UK) and electronica from 15th Scenery (THA). Get groovin’!

If you prefer loud and wild crowds, hang around the outdoor theatres as local acts like Jack & Rai and Nuance. Get your cameras ready to snap the dancing crowd and the eclectic atmosphere.

If you’re still alive after Mosaic, go country with Duffy at the Indoor Stadium on 22nd March. Brought to fame with her song “Mercy”, Duffy’s distinctive voice turns heads wherever the blond goes. “Mercy” was also one of the group audition songs for American Idol’s latest season.

Returning to Singapore after a major success in 2007, Coldplay transforms the Indoor Stadium into a serene slow-rock dream with tunes like “Viva la Vida” and “In my place”. Cool down with Coldplay as they round up the music mania month on 23rd March.

By the end of March, all you’ll want to do is to catch up on sleep after all those late night concerts.

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