Prudential Children First!


It’s an exciting time of the year again for the children! ACT 3 International celebrates 10 years of its Prudential Children First! Singapore International Festival for Children with a line-up of international acts.

Ruby Lim-Yang, Artistic Director of Act 3 International shares with ArtZine, “This festival is borne of the belief that children have a right to the Arts; that anyone being exposed to the Arts at an earlier age will benefit is a given. Steadily, the Festival has grown from a baby to what it is today, a child.”

Running from 7 to 17 March, children will be treated to new art forms like digital art and animation. Ruby explains the need for keeping ahead of the times. “Programming is constantly challenging the intellect, the imagination, and pushing the envelope to give our children different experiences at each and every festival.”

“An Arts festival worth its salt has to know what its focus is, and that focus is key to its every chance of it being a success.  Arts festivals exist for a reason, a vision, and often that vision is borne of a desire to lead, to change, to make a difference.  A festival is not packaging but a worthwhile means to an end with a real and deeply rooted goal and a clear intention.”
– Ruby Lim-Yang, Artistic Director of Act 3 International

Artistes from around the world – Spain, France, Belgium, Canada, England, Scotland and Australia are set to enchant us with their exciting tales of adventure for kids of all ages.

One of the highlights is Pyjama Night – a collection of 6 shows surrounding the theme of “Bedtime”. With just one ticket per person, everyone can enjoy shows like Canada’s The Trollsons, who embark into an enchanting world of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytales and more. Come in your favourite pyjamas!

Parents, if you’re wondering if you should watch the performances with your children (there are discounts on family bookings), Ruby gives a resounding yes! “So much is gained at the shared experience. Most of all, it is a rare opportunity to be able to watch children watch Theatre, and to discover the wonder by experiencing it with them.”

ArtZine is giving away 5 pairs of tickets to:


Big on amusement, this miniature circus comedy features a host of highly talented ‘fleas’! Watch fleas ‘live’ as the tightrope strains under high-wire artiste Miss Boom-Boom and as Fearless Francine, the daredevil stunt-flea, takes the “Leap of Death” by plummeting into a tiny bucket of water! Seeing is believing!

To win a pair of tickets, simply answer this question:

The Prudential Children First! Festival for Children runs from ___ to ___ March?

Simply hit the comment button below and tell us your name, handphone number, email and the answer, of course! (Comments will be screened so others can’t see your answer.)

** Note: The first 5 entries with the correct answer and full contact details will be notified by email on the collection of the complimentary tickets. Tickets cannot be exchanged and is only for the Sunday, 15 March. 10:15am performance of Allenby’s Famous Flea Circus at the Arts House.

Prudential Children First! – Singapore International Festival for Children

7 to 17 March 2009
Tickets available from SISTIC, price ranges from: $12 – $25

Discounts are available for family bookings.
For more details on the festival, visit their website here.

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