Editor’s Note – Apr ’09 Issue


Dear Readers,

While trying to think up of a word starting with A- to go along with this April edition, I chanced upon words like alluring and amazing. Boring.

It was anonymous that caught my attention; a word clothed with a such a mysterious aura. Anonymity is a must-have nowadays as we grow aware of spy-cameras and trackers on the Internet. Anonymity protects one’s identity. On the flipside though, what is anonymity to artists?

To poets and writers, anonymity is a way of publishing material without revealing their true identity. I recall happily reading a well-written prose only to find out (sadly) at the end that the author had signed off as “Anonymous”. I had no way of tracing more works by the same author.

Festivals often include this phrase in their aims: “To be a platform for young talents to showcase their works.” Showcasing their works is one thing. How do we get Singaporeans to recognise local works and the faces behind the works?

Unlike Alcoholics Anonymous, being anonymous is not part of the plan.
Being seen is.

Artists struggle to showcase their works but after all their hard work, remain unidentifiable to the society. A simple test – Would you be able to recognise the faces of our local talents if one of our local musicians or filmmakers sat beside you in the train?

High visiblity will lead to recognition. Recognition paves the way for local support and demand. Home-grown support is definitely the best kind to have.


P.S. To sum it up, I’ve adapted a paragraph from the Alcoholics Anonymous website, just for laughs. The edited portions are underlined. Enjoy!

Anonymous Artists is a group of creative men and women who share their experiences, strengths and hope with each other that they may solve the common problems artists face and help others to recover from the lack of support, resulting in disappointment. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop procrastinating. There are no dues or fees for AA membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions and stories of hope. Our primary purpose is to stay focused and help other artists to surpass their potential.

* Inspire budding artists by sharing your stories of hope here.

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