Jean-Pierre Blanchard


By: Valerie Oliveiro

It all begins with a blank canvas.

With quick strokes he adds swiggles of red, bright blue and shocking yellow. Almost like a cheoreographed dance, he moves lyrically in front of the canvas. Watch him carefully – if you blink, you might miss the finishing touch to the painting. Satisfied, he steps back and grins. Meet French speed-painter Jean-Pierre Blanchard.

Come 4 May, TCC “The Gallery” at Circular Rd will host Jean-Pierre’s work.

ArtZine will be there for his first Asia performance, to witness the manisfestation of portraiture produced to music.
[Stay tuned for updates from us]

Celebrities he has painted include Charlie Chaplin, Pavarroti, Salvador Dali, Ray Charles and… Harry Potter!

Born on June 28, 1947 in Ingrandes, Indre, Jean-Pierre  studied the Arts in Paris from 1962 to 1967 and is trained in the Classical and Academic Art disciplines. Using both Classical techniques and Academicism, his works releases symbolic and poetic forces, combining the elements, motion and light.

With an illustrious achievement spanning over 20 years, his art is infused with his passion toward the subjects he brings live to on his canvasses.

Watch as he paints a portrait of Frank Ribery, French midfielder:

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