Review: A Madwoman’s Diary


Went for Esplanade’s Studio Theatre series? We were at Peter Sau’s A Madwoman’s Diary and here’s what some have to say:

BLOGOSPHERE: What people are saying on the Net

  • “It’s pretty interesting. The two actors had totally brought the characters to life! It’s about the lives of these two women, who are different from their social classes, nationalities and education level. The two women didn’t know each other throughout the play, but you should see how it is made such that their fate seems to be connected.” – Ai Ying
  • I must say eventhough I am not an arty farty person I liked the play! It’s not feminist; it was a very raw and honest depiction of women who went crazy but the crazy things they said still held truth and honesty. One was abused by her husband and had stillbirth and thought to herself that her baby was with her… and the other was a politician under home prison, we particularly enjoyed the exciting monologue and the fluency of the actresses. – Min

Look out for ArtZine’s review of “A Madwoman’s Diary”! [COMING SOON]

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