Review: Invisible Room


By: Hailey Tay

Invisible Room is a complete invasion of the definition of ‘Space’. Produced by The Observatory, a local rock band, filmmaker Ho Tzu Nyen and theatre director Kok Heng Leun, this collaboration for the Singapore Arts Festival 2009 sounds the ambitions of confinements.

Shut yourself out from the overbearing sounds of reality and listen intently to the juxtaposing voices drowning in the background. The humane similarity is perhaps the prolonged agony of one’s adamant determination to find vessel-led-relations to other human beings.

Drown yourselves in the daunting yet hypnotizing perpetuals of interpersonal controversies. The chamber walls of screens will elude you from practical light and create leeway for hallucination’s transgressions. It seems, you may be confined in the limitations of physical space but the invisible room of unconsciousness may never abandon you.

As the screen played on motifs of grotesque, I must have involuntarily drifted away to the depths of unfound thoughts much like the unexplored territories of the universe. I was not so much aware of the changes on screen as the hypnotic effect that had slowly caught up with me.

It shocked me how one should ease into a dreamer’s land even amidst the blaring sound. Apparently, the mind really does have a greater will should it decides to take on the task of mentally venturing away from reality and all related. Yet the morbid tones of life lingers the background, insufficient enough grasp full attention but sufficient enough to occupy.

Intriguingly provocative and evasive, the in depth exploration of one’s relentless mental clock ticks to the seconds of unknowing repressions. The country’s best brain surgeon wouldn’t even be able to understand this art of a human’s invisible thoughts!

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