Welcome to ArtZine.

Surely Singapore’s growing art scene needs coverage that goes beyond providing mere event details and on-the-surface skims. Rest assured, ArtZine will keep you updated on the latest buzz in Singapore. Be it music, theatre, dance or the visual arts, you can get your daily scoop here at ArtZine. We won’t bore you with information you can already find on the Internet (being the tech-savvy generation) but we’ll serve up bigger, personal and in-depth stories that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

Look out for Spotted or Interview Specials, where we take a break from work (Kidding! We won’t abandon you.) and chat with artists. Expect to delve into an artist’s life experiences that shaped him/her into the person he/she is today. Who knows? It could have been their ecstatic first experience with finger painting that inspired them to explore Expressionism.

So you’re an artist? Perfect! Write in to us! Be featured on ArtZine. Tell us of your stunning portfolio and what inspires you. Chat with us!

In our This Week, (in construction) you will be able to find out about upcoming art events in Singapore! Submit their events to us here.

Lengthy and thorough discussions result in brilliant ideas. Highlight will be a perfect place for you to share your ideas and concerns with the rest of the ArtZine community. Is the art scene in Singapore lacking enough funding? Festival after festival, what more should be done to reach out to Singaporeans? Pose your questions and ideas.

As ArtZine grows, continue to support us with TLC (tender loving care) so that we can upkeep the ArtZine. Share with us your ideas for the online art magazine and what you would like us to cover (events and interviews). If you would like to contribute, don’t be shy! Just contact us.

For general enquiries,
please email info.artzine@gmail.com

Artists, Artist Managers, Event organisers, PR/Advertising agencies or Media,
please email valerie.artzine@gmail.com

For those who wish to be Columnists or Photographers for ArtZine,
please drop us an email at careers.artzine@gmail.com

Call for contributors

If you love the arts – be it theatre, music, photography, animation, design, film, dance, fashion etc… If you love to write about these art events and have your say, then you’re the person we’re looking for!

Ps: Know some friends who fit the bill? Call them to join too!

Drop us a note entitled SIGN ME UP!, with your contact details. Do state your areas of interest as well. Hope to hear from you soon!


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