Apr ’09 Issue



AA stands for Anonymous Artists who struggle to showcase their works but after all their hard work, remain unidentifiable to the society. Read our Editor’s note on Anonymous Artists here. [MORE]


CoffeeChat: Artist Interviews

Browse through our collection of  artist interviews. Delve into an artist’s life experiences and journey with them through their prep work.

Join in as they discuss the themes surrounding their work. [MORE] * Latest: Delia Hannah, John Ellis and John O’Hara from CATS



The CATS are back for the annual Jellicle Ball from April 10 to May 3 at the Esplanade Theatre. ArtZine prowls with the felines while actors Delia Hannah, John Ellis and John O’Hara share their hair-raising cat tales. [MORE]
Read our review here! [MORE]



We’re giving you the heads up (and an exclusive interview!) as Director Tan Wei Keong lets us into the secret of Hush Baby, way ahead of its World Premiere at the 22nd Singapore International Film Festival on Apr 14. [MORE]


JUST IN: Romeo and Juliet

Shakespearean plays have begun their streak in Singapore with a successful run of A Winter’s Tale. Yet another import, Romeo and Juliet, will be in Singapore from 29 April. What’s different about this version? [MORE]


FEATURE: You Only Die Twice

Here’s your chance to play the master sleuth. Mingle with guests. Spot a few suspicious characters. The lights dim, a kill is made and the adventure begins. Who’s the murderer? That’s for the audience to decide.  [MORE]


FIRST TAKE: April Interview

First Take April takes place at the Substation on April 6 with 3 short films cued for screening. ArtZine talks to Rich Ho, director of Coffee: Black, who will be in town for its premiere. [MORE]


REVIEW: The Importance of being Earnest

Wild Rice tackled this comedic tale of love, mistaken identities and the peculiarities of high society. The all-men cast tickled us with the likes of Ivan Heng and Gavin Yap. Read our review here. [MORE]
Read what theatre-goers had to say. [MORE]


REVIEW : The Bridge Project

In the mood for some Shakespeare but lazy to plough through the book? Big names like Ethan Hawke, Rebecca Hall and Sam Mendes presented A Winter’s Tale in our very own Esplanade Theatre. [MORE]


BACKTRACK: March ’09 Issue

Missed the previous issue of ArtZine Singapore? No worries, it’s all archived for you to revisit anytime. [MORE]

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