Artist Interviews


Welcome to CoffeeChat, where we chat with artists. Expect to delve into an artist’s life experiences that shaped him/her into the person he/she is today. Who knows? It could have been their esctatic first experience with finger painting that inspired them to explore Expressionism. Or their first ballet that prompted them to enrol for ballet lessons! We also take a look at their journey through rehearsals and their work.

In reverse chronological order:

  • CATS – Cast Interview
    Under the moonlight, ArtZine prowls with the felines while the cast  shares their hair-raising cat tales.
    Featuring: Delia Hannah, John Ellis and John O’Hara [MORE]
  • Defending the Caveman – Cast Interview
    Broadway’s longest running show comes to Singapore. Daniel Jenkins shares how it’s like to perform in Singapore.
    Featuring: Daniel Jenkins [MORE]
  • Cinderella – Cast & Artistic Director Interviews
    SDT takes on Graham Lustig’s Cinderella, with newly-appointed Janek at the helm.
    Featuring: Chihiro Uchida and Janek Schergen [MORE]

  • Past Caring – Cast and Directors Interviews
    Find out what sparked the collaboration between The Necessary Stage and The Tony Yap Company (AUS).
    Featuring: Creative team – Tony Yap, Alvin Tan and Haresh Sharma [MORE] Cast Interviews: Siti Khalijah, Glynis Angell, Leroy Parsons and Sukania Venugopal [MORE]
  • What’s love got to do with it – Storyteller Interview
    Kamini shares with ArtZine about the chosen love stories and how she prepares for each storytelling session.
    Featuring: Kamini Ramachandran [MORE]
  • What the Butler Saw – Director Interview
    Zebra Crossing’s artistic director, Loretta Chen shares her love for Joe Orton’s works… especially What the Butler Saw.
    Featuring: Loretta Chen [MORE]
  • The Nutcracker – Choreographer Interview
    SDT’s Jeffrey Tan tells us what to watch out for in his latest version of The Nutcracker.
    Featuring: Jeffrey Tan [MORE]
  • A Vacant Affair – Band Interview
    Keep it hush-hush. The boys tells ArtZine more about their debut album launch.
    Featuring: Matt, Joshua, Shen, Rudi and Hafiz [MORE]
  • Snow White – Cast Interviews
    ArtZine visits the royal family for a chat during the Wild Rice rehearsals for Snow White.
    Featuring: Sebastian Tan, Elena Wang and Dwayne Tan [MORE]
  • First Take 2008 – Director Interviews
    ArtZine chats with the directors whose short films were featured as the Best of First Take 2008.
    Featuring: Suffian Zainuddin [MORE], Ezzam Rahman [MORE] and Sean Cheong [MORE]
  • Das Experiment – Director and Cast Interviews
    ArtZine speaks to the cast and director of Das Experiment as they prepare for the thriller.
    Featuring: Samantha Scott-Blackhall [MORE], Claude Giraldi [MORE], R. Chandran [MORE] and Rick McIvor [MORE]
  • David the Best! – Director and Cast Interviews
    The cast reflects on the theme of ‘David vs Goliath’ and their biggest challenges.
    Featuring: Kok Heng Leun [MORE], Huang Wenhong, Goh Seok Ai, Jo Tan, Pat Toh and Renee Chua. [MORE]
  • Allura – Band Interview
    Allura is on the road to the MTV Asia Awards, we hope. They tell us what goes on backstage.
    Featuring: Inch Chua, Aaron Wong, Low Han Quan, Mark John and Matthew Yap [MORE]
  • Hans Mendler – Artist Interview
    Over coffee, ArtZine discusses in great detail with Hans Mendler about his works.
    Featuring: Hans Mendler [MORE]
  • The Sallys – Band Interview
    If you’re looking for something unconventional and fresh, The Sallys is precisely what you need.
    Featuring: Azam, Izwan, Kazhendra, Razif, Rusdi, Shafiq, Yusri and Zahidah [MORE]
  • Robert Zhao Renhui – Photographer
    ArtZine chats with Robert, who is both a volunteer and exhibiting photographer at the SIPF.
    Featuring: Robert Zhao [MORE]
  • Sergio Mendes – Singer & Producer
    What is his secret to successfully staying relevant to changing times? ArtZine finds out.
    Featuring: Sergio Mendes [MORE]
  • Peter Cincotti – Singer & Jazz Pianist
    Irresistable Charm? Check. Velvety Voice? Check. Let’s check out the latest jazz-pop artist.
    Featuring: Peter Cincotti [MORE]
  • SIPF Festival Volunteers
    Volunteers of the SIPF share their love for photography and their experiences at the festival.
    Featuring: Anke Liebnitz, Mary Lee and Serena Teo [MORE]
  • Timbre MusicFest ’08 – Band Interviews
    Read our interviews with the artists who performed at the 10-day Timbre MusicFest.
    Featuring: The Goodfellas [MORE], Michaela Therese [MORE], Sara Wee [MORE], 53A [MORE], Melissa Tham [MORE] and Reverie [MORE]
  • Sunny Chyun – Artist Interview
    We discuss with Sunny about her works and her exhibition entitled, I need to believe.
    Featuring: Sunny Chyun [MORE]
  • Baybeats ’08- Band Interviews
    Days before Baybeats 08, the bands speak to us after their rehearsals.
    Featuring: Cardinal Avenue [MORE], Giuliano Gullotti [MORE], Leeson [MORE], Anna Judge April [MORE] and You and Whose Army? [MORE]
  • Colony of Echoes – Band Interview
    If you love psychedelic rock, you might want to give Colony of Echoes a good listen.
    Featuring: Nick, Ben, Neil, Sweetleaf and Roger [MORE]
  • Faktion – Band Interview
    We’re hoping Faktion will perform in Singapore soon. ArtZine speaks to lead guitarist, Josh.
    Featuring: Aaron Pose, Jeremy Coan, Jeremy Moore, Josh Franklin and Marshall Dutton [MORE]