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Criminal Minds. Dystopian Experiences. Life Adventures. When she’s not busy with life, Joelyn Alexandra can be found indulging in fictional crime-fighting, in dystopian parallels, philosophical pondering, museum trekking, pinball, gift-crafting, or being a general enigma. She can be found Twittering @joelynalexandra or blogging at http://joelynalexandra.wordpress.com/. Also, the blanket fortress is a metaphor! ~ Joelyn Alexandra

Spotlight! – Faktion

Had fun at Baybeats? While we collate pictures (thanks to the lovely photographers!), ArtZine contributor, J.Raven Yep, chats with Josh Franklin, guitarist from Faktion. Yes, we’re hoping Faktion will perform in Singapore soon… Next year at Baybeats, maybe?

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